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Throughout the years, Rocky Mountain Forest Products has had the pleasure working with some of the top names in building materials. One of our customer-favorites and all-around best decking brands is Fiberon

Fiberon is a well-known and incredibly popular composite decking manufacturer. They also specialize in fencing, railings, cladding, and deck fasteners. Although offering a wide variety of materials, composite decking remains Fiberon’s most popular product. With a wide range of colors and performance options, Fiberon is a great product for anyone looking to improve their outdoor spaces.

What Makes Fiberon Different?

Since 1997, Fiberon has been manufacturing high-quality products to make outdoor living easy. As a brand born and built in the United States, Fiberon products are now sold all across the globe. It is a company that has proven itself to be reliable time and time again. They stand by what they sell and truly work with their customers to achieve beautiful outdoor spaces.

As a very customer-oriented company, Fiberon provides a plethora of resources to help make the buying process as seamless as possible. You can take advantage of their budgeting calculator to mitigate any costs that may come up in an installation. They also have a fully digital design center for customers to visualize what their deck can look like. It’s the little perks like these that really make Fiberon a wonderful manufacturer to do business with.

An Eco-Friendly Decking Option

It’s no secret that when it comes to sustainable decking materials Fiberon is a top choice for customers. These products are made with recycled wood, plastics, sawdust, and leftover materials that would have otherwise been discarded. So although Fiberon decking resembles wood, they are not contributing to deforestation for their materials. In a year, Fiberon saves fifteen-thousand football fields worth of forests. That’s over a million trees! They also recycle roughly 100 pounds of plastic and put it to good use rather than being sent to a landfill.

Composite decking materials are known to use up a large amount of water during the manufacturing process. Fiberon decking, however, reuses almost all of their water supply for their products. Only about 1 percent of all waste from the manufacturing process ends up actually being discarded. So, not only is Fiberon a great choice for looks and performance, but you’re also helping the environment and can feel good about your outdoor spaces. 

Product Lines at Fiberon

Like with many composite decking brands, Fiberon has tiers of quality for their products that come with different color options and price points. Although RMFP can typically get any products sold at Fiberon, we stock the Horizon, Symmetry, and Good Life collections. All Fiberon decking comes with a 25-year warranty that

The Horizon collection is full of vibrant colors and grain options for customers to customize to their preferences. This style is capped on all four sides, making it ideal for any location. This also adds an extra layer of protection year-round and eliminates the need for stain, sealing, or sanding. This collection is both affordable and high quality, the perfect product for any homeowner. 

The Symmetry decking line is a fan-favorite for its natural look and luxurious feel. These boards are well-known for their matte, slightly glossy appearance. They come in four different profiles to choose from and resemble expensive hardwood. You can choose from grooved, squared, fascia, and riser profiles to truly customize your decking to your specific needs. These boards tend to be pricier than natural wood but make up for it in their durability and longevity. 

Lastly, the Good Life collection is the ideal choice for anyone looking for composite materials around the same price as natural materials. It is a low maintenance and high performing decking option that has been popular for years. With three sides of each board capped, this line of decking eliminates any splintering, chipping, warping, or rotting. With a wide selection of colors and grain looks, this collection is an all-around great option for any composite decking needs.

To learn more about Fiberon or get a quote from our specialists today, contact us here.