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A lot of people are continuing to jump on the conservation bandwagon to work toward keeping the environment safe for generations to come. There has been an influx in ideas on the subject and people are finding a lot of ways to do their part. Residents of Boulder County are banning together to create a club so to speak of sustainable lumber deconstruction to provide those who need Boulder lumber with usable material.

What is Sustainable Lumber Deconstruction?

The goal of sustainable lumber deconstruction is carefully dismantling Boulder lumber from various sources to salvage the material to be repurposed. This Boulder lumber includes but is not limited to doors, cabinetry, flooring, doors, etc.

When homeowners choose sustainable deconstruction of their Boulder lumber they are doing their part to reduce the amount of material that ends up in landfills.

Sustainable Demolition Companies For Boulder Lumber

Companies are starting to pop-up all-over city to get their hands on the reusable Boulder lumber. These companies have the skill and the knowledge to take apart wood structures with minimal damage to extract the most Boulder lumber from remodels and tear downs.  

Is it really worth the time and effort?

Considering sustainable deconstruction might seem like a bother when you are eager to begin a project. Although extracting the Boulder lumber is time consuming it really does make a difference and with some benefit to you.

Not only will you feel good about saving your Boulder lumber for others to use you can get a tax deduction if you donate it.

You are also helping to prevent over 3 million pounds of material from filling up landfills.

Whoever ends up with your deconstructed Boulder lumber is bound to make it into something that you would be proud to have contributed to.

Sustainable Demolition Marketplaces

A new construction concept that has been taken by storm may make its way to Boulder. The mass amounts of Boulder lumber that is being extracted through this process as we speak may become the building material for marketplaces in the near future.

These sustainable demolition marketplaces as they are being called will only use repurposed materials for every inch of the structure.

If this became a common building practice not only would the landfills benefit so would millions of forests. This would reduce the need for logging and the manufacturing of new Boulder lumber.

Keep an eye out for the growth of this building concept and for other ideas that might come from it in the future!

Additionally, if you would like to help out the environment through the use of reclaimed wood, get it touch with us! We have the products needed to help you with your project!