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Create an oasis during your deck transformation by adding bohemian style.

There is a lot to be said about transforming your deck from boring to oasis. Frankly, if you’ve made the decision to undergo a deck transformation, then you’ve already realized the benefits. You know that the deck is a place to relax and enjoy. It’s a place for family and friends, and a place right in between the good ‘ol outdoors, and your cozy home. So whether you’re updating your deck because of regular maintenance, a major overhaul of an outdated deck, or simply want to make it feel more comfortable- then we hope to provide you with some inspiration.

We believe adding a bohemian vibe is one of the best ways to transform your deck. Not only because it is generally simple and affordable to do so, but also because of everything that the word bohemian stands for. It represents a smooth and relaxed atmosphere, where things simply exist. It’s the mentality that problems aren’t really problems, and you should relax. That’s exactly what a deck should be. Exactly what it should represent for you and your family. A deck transformation isn’t simply about updating the paint and adding some patio furniture. It is about creating an atmosphere, and to give you a reason for wanting to go out onto your deck. Below is some inspiration for your deck transformation.


Patio Furniture

Adding patio furniture to your deck doesn’t have to mean those matching sets you buy at big box stores like home depot or wal-mart. It could be hand built furniture made from pallets or reclaimed wood. It can also be random furniture found at a thrift store. The point is, get a little creative with it. Then, add plants, string lights, candles, some cushions and bowls. The greatest thing about a bohemian style is that it generally doesn’t require a lot of work to achieve. Bold patterns and wicker furniture and a few odd decor pieces can really make all the difference.

deck transformation

source: sfgirlbybay.com


White & Wood

A very bohemian thing to do is to paint everything white, with wood and a few plants being the only pops of color. It has a very bright, but mellow feel to it, and invited you to imagine relaxing on a beach somewhere halfway around the world. Another generally bohemian thing to do is to have lanterns, and furniture like the ones in this photo. They’re usually large and hand carved with exquisite detail. The mixture of those fine details with the rustic beams creates a balancing act between trying too hard and being simple and easy going.

deck transformation

source: mydomaine.com/



Pergolas are a great way to create a relaxing vibe on your deck. Even though this particular one is one a brick patio, you get the idea. Adding that bit of shade can transform your deck into a point of relaxation that you can enjoy in most conditions. The built in bench, long cushions and surprising amount of pillows, along with the curtains and rustic ceiling make for a very Mediterranean look.

deck transformation

soyrce: thatbohemiangirl.tumblr.com



Now this deck is somewhere truly Mediterranean, literally. This picture is of a deck in a small town called Bodrum, a hot bed for tourists looking to escape to the waters and relaxed living that exists along the coast of Turkey. When you’re only a ferry ride away from the Greek islands, and you’re in a country with beautiful textures and handmade rugs (called Kilim), you’re bound to feel relaxed. But why let it stop there. Be inspired by such a place, and bring it home to your own deck. Wrap benches and coat the deck in Kilims, add some pillows, put out a plate of food, and it is really as simple as that. This is a very common scene in Turkey, and can be just as relaxing in your own backyard.

deck transformation

source: myportsofcall.tumblr.com



As stated before, transforming your deck with a bohemian style doesn’t have to be complicated. It’s all about the decor. Add patterns, color, candles, and plants and you’re good to go.

deck transformation

source: homedit.com


Transforming your deck isn’t just about adding certain decorations. It’s about a mindset, and what you want your deck to be. So if you plan to add a bohemian vibe to your deck, think first about how you want your deck to feel, and let that determine the objects and decor that you put out during your deck transformation.

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