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If you are interested in woodworking projects there is no shortage of ideas on the internet. However, you may be a little confused as to what types of wood make the best woodworking lumber. Every species of Denver lumber has different characteristics and those will determine its proper use.

Most woodworkers like to use natural Denver lumber versus something manufactured. When you are doing a hands-on project like woodworking manufactured wood can take away from the spirit of it. This certainly does not mean that you can’t!

Let’s take a look at some of the most common types of natural Denver lumber and their make up:

Woodworking Lumber: Pine

Pine Denver lumber is classified as a softwood. Because of this it is very easy to work with carving, drilling, and nailing are a breeze.

Pine Denver lumber is a lighter species and has almost a yellow coloring. If you like the feel of Pine but want a darker shade, you can stain it.

Woodworking Lumber: Cedar

Cedar Denver lumber is also a softwood. It is also very forgiving and versatile. One of the things that wood workers really like about using cedar Denver lumber is that it gives off a wonderful aroma. Cedar Denver lumber is a great choice for outdoor projects because it is very resistant to the elements.

Cedar Denver lumber also naturally repels insects which is why it is popular for closets, drawers, armoires, and hope chests.

Woodworking Lumber: Redwood

If you re looking to make furniture redwood Denver lumber is an awesome choice. Not only is it easy to work with it is beautiful. Redwood Denver lumber has striking reddish hues that can’t be found in other species. Your redwood Denver lumber furniture pieces will last a long time if you add a water repellent to the surface.

Woodworking Lumber: Maple

Now when it comes to maple Denver lumber there are two different types. There is a harder version and a softer version. For wood working especially if you are a beginner we recommend using the softer variety of maple Denver lumber.

If your woodworking projects call for some amount of strength and durability, then maple Denver lumber is the best option.

Woodworking Lumber: Cherry

Cherry Denver lumber is a less common choice for woodworking projects. It is very hard and difficult to penetrate. Some wood workers choose to overlook this because of its attractiveness but skill is required.

Although it can be challenging woodworking should be an enjoyable pastime. Part of this comes from being proud of the finished product. The success of wood working projects all depends on choosing the right Denver lumber for your needs!

If you are looking to get your hands on some lumber for a woodworking project, we here at Rocky Mountain Forest Products may be able to help! Give us a call to find out!