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Landscape timbers are an essential material used in a wide variety of projects and installations. These products are truly the bread and butter of the construction industry, and can take the look and function of any space to the next level.

Beyond their fundamental roots, landscape timbers are a fantastic resource to take advantage of in outdoor spaces. Whether you’re looking for a complete backyard transformation or a simple design upgrade, these are the ideal materials to work with. Below, we’ll break down some of the most popular options for working with landscape timbers in an outdoor setting.

Garden Beds

One of the most well-known ways to incorporate landscape timbers is in garden beds. Whether you need some simple landscaping or are looking to install massive planter boxes, these materials are essential.

When working with landscape timbers, especially those that are pressure-treated, it’s important to ensure the area surrounding them is fit for their installation. Treated materials can often pose a threat to their environments due to toxins and added chemicals. If you’re planning on growing food or herbs near these materials, proceed with caution.

However, there are a lot of landscape timber materials that are not treated if that works best for your project needs. One of our customer-favorites is cedar. Cedar is naturally resistant to rot, decay, and many harsh environmental factors. It’s a 100% natural material and will fit effortlessly into any landscape. 

Outdoor Stairway

Another very common way that homeowners utilize landscape timber is by installing outdoor stairs. Timbers can easily be cut and laid down in the shape of stairs to be filled in with dirt. This is one of the cheapest ways to install stairs in an outdoor space. 

Not to mention, the stairs can also act as somewhat of a retaining wall to keep the landscaping in-tact for years to come. For those with sloped properties or backyards that are too steep for enjoyment, this is a quick fix. Take advantage of the affordability and versatility that landscape timbers have to offer.

Retaining Wall

As we previously mentioned, landscape timbers are a great material for retaining walls to be built with. Beyond utilizing it with stairs, many property owners like to stack timbers to keep their yards level. It’s a simple solution for most outdoor spaces that won’t break the bank and most can install on their own.

If you don’t need an entire wall built, a single timber laid down will also do the trick. For those with a slight slope to their yards, sometimes all you need is a gradual leveling with timbers. Laying one or two timbers down every ten feet or so is a great way to make a subtle adjustment in steepness. 

Patio or Deck Framing

Lastly, landscape timbers are also popularly used for framing decks and patios. These materials are essential in these builds and truly make up the framework for their stability and durability for the years to come. Whether you’d like to build a small patio for seating or a large deck equipped to withstand a hot tub, timbers are the unseen heroes that accomplish it all.

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