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Privacy and security can be some of the most important aspects to any commercial property. Ensuring that a business and its employees are safe and sound is at the top of many company’s priority lists. And one of the best ways to accomplish that is with fencing

When it comes to fencing on commercial properties, it’s important to consider budget, timeframe, and local guidelines before installation. While many businesses may be looking for the most secure fencing solution for their stores, others may just need something for curb appeal. Whichever commercial fencing option you choose, there are so many benefits and ways to make it unique to your company.

Ameristar Fencing For Large Corporations

Ameristar fencing is the best option for those looking for a max-security solution. Even if your store is not dealing with confidential information or high-stakes business, Ameristar is a great option. It is a sturdy, durable, and long-lasting fencing design that will protect any property for decades.

With its sleek, dark look, this fence is great for an existing modern design and will add a clean and dependable look to any business. Ameristar has many lines of products, all with that same reliable look and sturdy feel. Choose from steel, weld wire, aluminum, and more for any metal fencing needs.

Hog Wire Fencing For Small Businesses

Hog wire is a fencing style that has seen tremendous popularity in recent years. Its rustic look, practical use, and affordable price tag are just a few of the many reasons property owners love them. And for small business owners, hog wire fencing is a staple. 

Especially for those with restaurants or outdoor areas where patrons gather, hog wire fencing allows for views from all angles, security if any furry friends are present, and a rustic look for customers to relate to. It’s a great fence style all-around for most small business commercial properties.

Split Rail Fencing For Public Lands

If you’ve been to any state or national parks, you’ve probably noticed that much of the fencing is split rail style. This is likely due to the affordability, easy installation, and raw natural look that these materials provide. Split rail is the ideal fencing option for any commercial property that is open to public use. 

Because of the Lincoln log-like fashion that split rail fencing is put together, it is incredibly easy for anyone to install with little to no equipment. In addition, this fencing style is typically composed of cedar. Cedar is naturally resistant to rot, decay, pests, and many harsh environmental conditions. This comes in handy when a fence is in constant sun exposure or extreme cold temperatures. 

Split rail is also a popular option for businesses in need of a property boundary. Because this style of fencing does not provide the same level of safety and privacy as others, it is not recommended for high-security needs. For those in need of a clear definition of their property, this is a great product to clearly mark your territory without breaking the bank.

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