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While we’re sure our dogs would love to run free all day, the reality is that fencing is a crucial installation for any family living with furry friends. Depending on the needs of your design, functionality, and the behavior of your pet— there are so many options out there to choose from for the perfect fencing solution.

Privacy Fencing: The Reliable Option

It’s no secret that privacy fencing is typically considered the holy grail of fencing solutions. Maybe because of its practical height or superb level of privacy and security, but privacy fencing tends to check all the boxes for homeowners and dog owners alike.

Privacy fencing is one of the most reliable fencing options on the market for enclosing dogs. Given the wall-like appearance of fencing, dogs are unable to see through and get excited about the happenings in their surrounding area. For dogs that are easily stimulated and bark at neighbors, privacy fencing is a solid solution.

Typically, privacy fencing is built with cedar materials. Cedar is well-known for its durability and versatility in terms of design and performance. Even for the toughest of dogs, cedar is no match for sacrificing the quality and functionality of your fencing structures.

Hog Wire Fencing: Your Dog’s Favorite Option

For the dogs that love to look out at the neighborhood and know what’s going on at all times (most dogs), hog wire is a great option for fencing. Given the mesh-like wiring for the body of the fencing, dogs are able to see through to their surroundings and stay busy. 

While this option does not work for every dog owner, it’s a great solution for the dogs who are well-behaved and won’t go crazy over another dog in its proximity. Also, hog wire fencing is great for properties that are more rural and don’t have to worry about too many passersby anyway. 

Structurally speaking, hog wire fencing is incredibly durable and made up of hard materials for a frame and robust wire mesh as a body. While perhaps not as solid as a privacy fence, it is still a reliable option that looks fantastic, won’t sacrifice views, and your dogs will enjoy year round. 

Aluminum Fencing: Best Of Both Worlds

While we may be partially biased to the natural look and beauty of real wood fencing, aluminum fencing is a close second. For those in areas where privacy is less-needed and security is a must, metal fencing tends to be a great choice. These varieties of fencing can come in many different forms, but most include open spaces (which dogs will love).

Aluminum fencing is one of the most durable and reliable fencing methods on the market. If you can look past the unnatural appeal of these outdoor structures, they will go a long way for the safety and security of your property. Overall, you can’t go wrong with any of these options for your furry friends. Depending on the manners of your dog, design wants, and performance needs, we’d be happy to help you out! 

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