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In Part One of Best Decking Options for your Home, we explored some of the most common decking options on the market. We covered the traditional wood decking options of cedar and redwood and dove into the exotic hardwoods of Ipe, Garapa and Fijian Mahogany. Again, don’t be turned away by the label of “exotic” when considering using hardwood decking for your home. They are more affordable than you may think and last for decades. In this blog, let’s discuss the two most common remaining exotic hardwoods and touch on the most popular composite decking brands on the market. 

More Decking Options to Consider

Red Balau Hardwood Decking

Red Balau decking is also known as Batu Wood. Imported from Indonesia, this amazing hardwood has a beautiful reddish-brown color that is sought after. It is an amazing choice for hardwood decking, as it is extremely high-quality and durable. Red Balau is a naturally oily wood, so it only needs to be sealed if you want it to retain that rich color through its long lifespan. If you leave it untreated, Red Balau decking will turn a silvery-grey. It is often compared to Teak Wood because of its quality and sturdiness. It is highly sought after for projects needing water-resistant wood such as boat docks, bridges or watercraft ramps.

Tigerwood Hardwood Decking

Tigerwood is sometimes referred to as Brazilian Koa. It is one of the finest exotic hardwoods available. Its light golden-brown to reddish-brown color with exotic black and brown streaks, makes it a beautiful choice for any homeowner. It is naturally resistant to rot and decay and is the third hardest decking material we sell. Tigerwood decking can last up to 30+ years without treatment. Tigerwood decking is great for high traffic areas or families with pets or rowdy kids. Given how dense Tigerwood is, it is able to resist scratches easily. It is more expensive than traditional wood decking like cedar and redwood, but still cheaper than most composite options on the market.

Composite Decking Options

In general, composite decks are made of artificial materials consisting of a mix of plastic and organic filler, like rice hulls. Over the years, many of the brands we carry have fine tuned their formula and created products like mimic the look of real wood and rival wood’s longevity. Composite decking is great for homeowners who want a low maintenance deck material- no staining, sanding or splinters with the composite decking materials on the market. Some people prefer to use composite materials, because their production doesn’t lead to deforestation and many companies use recycled materials in their products. They also come with a warranty most times- so keep that in mind if ease of replacement is a priority for you. With all of the pros of composite decking, there are also some downsides to consider. Just like any material that is outside and exposed to the elements, the color is going to fade. This can be harder to replace than traditional wood products because you have to go back to the manufacturer for the specific color and product. Mold can also be a concern if the ends of your deck are not fully capped. Pros and cons aside, let’s explore some of the brands of composite decking that we supply!

Trex Decking

Since 1996, Trex has dominated the composite decking market. High performance, low maintenance and eco-friendly products have defined the landscape that Trex has created. Trex decking will not rot, warp, crack or be devoured by termites- and is covered by a 25 year limited warranty. In addition to decking, Trex offers railing products, outdoor lighting and steel deck framing. Their three lines of decking are Transcend Composite Decking, Enhance Composite Decking and Select Composite Decking with various styles and colors available in each collection. For some people, Trex has many benefits over traditional wood because wood can rot, split, swell, twist and fade, can crack from insect infestation, requires annual painting, staining or sealing, and can splinter easily.

Keep reading Part Three of Best Decking Options for Your Home for more information on the top composite decking lines that we carry. Read about TimberTech Decking, Fiberon Decking, Fortress Decking, Evergrain Decking and Green Bay Decking!