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It’s no secret that Beetle Kill Pine materials are some of the best ways to showcase one of a kind natural beauty in a home. There’s no better way to make a statement than to feature stunning blue and gray grains flowing across a textured surface of knots and other interesting details. Beetle Kill Pine offers the rare opportunity to display a piece of history and science on your walls. A beautiful conversation piece that will look good for years.

For those not familiar with Beetle Kill Pine, it’s also referred to as ‘Blue Stain Pine’ and is the result of dead pine trees due to pest infestation. These dead trees release carbon dioxide into the surrounding environment, contributing to air pollution. By reusing these materials, it is a sustainable and beautiful choice for everyone. 

There are endless styles and installation types to incorporate these materials into a home. Stand out from the crowd with materials that are entirely unique to you. Not to mention, Beetle Kill Pine looks great with virtually any existing design— making this addition to your spaces a no brainer for adding value.

Entryway Feature

When it comes to additions to your curb appeal, Beetle Kill Pine is always a good idea. There’s nothing like the warm welcome of natural lumber to greet you and your guests to your home. Set the tone for the style and unwavering uniqueness of your property from the moment you step foot on the front porch. Beetle Kill Pine will do well on exterior walls with the right seal, proper maintenance, and a slight overhang to protect it from harsh conditions. 

Countertop Underside

Another popular way homeowners are incorporating this material into their living spaces is by installing it under counters. For island countertops specifically, the base of the structure is often seen. An accent of Beetle Kill Pine in this area is a great use of space and the perfect subtle detail to elevate the overall design. Especially if this area is used for bar seating, Beetle Kill Pine will surely stand out and act as the perfect touch of depth and texture for an otherwise unused space.

Garage Wall

Beetle Kill Pine is a great, low-cost option for covering walls that need some upgrading. And what better spot than garage walls? Garages make for one of the best spots to showcase rustic materials that may not fit as well in other interior spaces. Beetle Kill Pine is a really cool material that is sure to upgrade the look of any garage space.

Laundry Room And Office Spaces

If you’re unsure how Beetle Kill Pine will look in some of your bigger living spaces, try it out on a smaller sample size. Areas like laundry rooms and offices are just a couple of the many spaces that would thrive with some Beetle Kill on their walls. Not to mention, it offers the perfect opportunity to try-out these materials in a smaller space before committing to a bigger project. You can even take it a step further and install Beetle Kill inside of a closet or pantry just to be sure you like the overall look before a bigger installation.

For more information or to get a quote on some Beetle Kill Pine materials today, contact our representatives here.