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When you are doing a renovation on your home, you want to make sure you are putting money into an improvement that is going to last and not be a pain in the long run. Especially with a deck, you want to make sure your deck not only looks great and is installed properly, but you also want to make sure your deck is going to last for years without needing to be repaired or rebuilt because of damages. When deciding what brand of decking to use and what type of decking to use, you want to make the best choice possible. This is why we sell Trex as one of our number one brands.

Trex is a composite decking and fencing supplier that provides a high-quality composite material without the high costs and hidden fees. They have many different options from lines of decking and fencing with different colors to best match your dream deck. There are many reasons why we recommend composite decking over real wood such as the maintenance requirements, cost in the future, and the overall look.

Benefits of Trex Decking

The first reason why we sell Trex is the cost. While we can’t make the decision for you to use Trex vs wood decking, we can tell you how composite decking will benefit you. Upfront, composite is normally slightly more expensive, however it will last you in the long run. On the other hand, wood needs to be repaired and replaced as time goes on. Composite decking rarely needs any upkeep, which means you will save money in the future with less material repairs needed. The overall price can depend on the size of the deck, the quality of composite, and the extra fees like materials and install.

Now with wood decking, you often will have to do some annual repairs such as restaining or repainting, replacing warped boards, or repairing the whole fence if needed. With composite decking, you cut out the need for paint and stain which means you never have to touch up the color or worry about fading. Composite decking is a very durable material and can withstand moisture, wind, weather, and wear and tear. For the price you pay and the amount you save, composite decking is a great alternative, especially when you go with Trex.

Design Look

With wood fencing, you must be very diligent with installation to make sure your fence looks great and design worthy. When you’re installing boards, if you have a crooked or warped board your fence will look off and not complete. Whereas with composite fencing, you don’t have to worry about finding boards that are straight and all the same length because that’s already done for you! Overall, when you install composite fencing compared to wood fencing the outcome is always better and looks much cleaner. You want your fence to look borderline perfect and you want visitors to wonder how you got it too look so good, not the opposite. 

Lastly, composite materials are very friendly when it comes to Earth. By using composite materials, which are usually recycled materials, you decrease the need for more deforestation. Composite materials also help decrease the carbon footprint because it is made of recycled materials, like we mentioned. You not only help the climate, but you help keep the forests standing.

Trex is a deck and fence supplier that is well known and very popular. They offer many resources from deck blueprints, inspiration pictures, decking calculators to help budget, and specialists that can answer just about every question you may have in regards to decking and fencing. Trex also offers the extra materials like post caps, railings, and lighting to enhance the overall feel of your deck.

When it comes to picking your decking materials and building your deck, your end goal is to enhance the look and feel of your deck from just a space outside to an oasis to relax in. You want it to be a party space with a built in kitchen and cooler to enjoy those football games and summer BBQs. You put a lot of money and time in your deck and home renovations, which is why we want to connect you with the best brands and provide you the knowledge you need to successfully purchase, install and enjoy your deck and outdoor space.