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Beetle Kill Pine is a very unique and incredibly beautiful building material that is becoming more popular in the design industry as new methods in interior design are made. For years we have dealt with an epidemic of beetles killing hundreds of acres of trees by injecting their fungus into the wood grain. As a result, we ended up with loads of lumber full of this blue hue that sets it aside from other styles of lumber and species of wood. Now that this epidemic is slowly coming to an end, we are deciding on all the ways we can use beetle kill in our residential and commercial building projects. Here are some creative ways you can use beetle kill pine in a variety of different locations.

Blue Stain Siding

This is probably the most common way that beetle kill is used because it allows you to instantly enhance a room’s look and feel without taking up space with new additions like décor and furniture. You can use beetle kill as interior or exterior siding if you treat it the proper way. Siding doesn’t have to just be the walls, you can use this siding on the fronts of fireplaces, mantles, or even bar and table fronts. If you are in a commercial setting and are looking for a way to spice up your bar, hostess stand, or check-in desk, kill pine is a great option. When it comes to your home, you can use beetle kill siding on single walls throughout your home to give it a rustic and design worthy look!

Blue Stain Tabletops

A more creative way to incorporate beetle kill into your home or commercial setting is through a tabletop. You can use planks of beetle kill to create a picnic table look. You can even use them as traditional tabletops and resin them to add extra protection. Beetle kill pine would also make a great desk or conference table surface to add a pop of color and natural wood to your home or commercial office.

Blue Stain Flooring

Flooring is definitely an option that is overlooked by people when remodeling. A lot of homeowners think you can only use certain types of wood for flooring like hardwoods but that’s not the case. You can use any type of wood for flooring as long as you install it and seal it properly. The beetle kill would look phenomenal as flooring with the unique coloring and the wood grain!

Blue Stain Furniture

You can use the thicker boards of beetle kill pine for furniture pieces to add some rustic wood into your home. Beetle kill is an easy wood to work with and can be used for just about anything with the proper tools and installation process. Check out Pinterest or Google to find thousands of different ideas on ways to use beetle kill as furniture. The internet is full of different design ideas and inspiration. Just a few ideas are bed frames, desks, chairs, tables, and even bookcases.

Commonly Asked Questions About Beetle Kill Pine

What gives beetles the blue color?

The beetles that infect the trees affected by this epidemic inject a blue fungus into the wood which is what causes the blue color!

Is beetle kill pine affordable?

Yes, beetle kill pine is a more affordable species of wood when compared to something like cedar, for example. However, the cost can range depending on your location and where you are buying the wood from. Always check with your supplier to learn more about the pricing in your area.

Beetle kill pine is such a naturally beautiful species of wood and is very easy to work with and versatile. You can use it for a number of different installs and applications to enhance the look and feel of your home, restaurant, or office space. To learn more about beetle kill pine or our stock at RMFP check out our website or reach out today! We have a team of specialists ready to help educate you on beetle kill pine and all the ways you can use it in your home!