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Most of us can agree that the best weekend projects are done in the backyard. Rain or shine, there’s nothing like the reward of enjoying your hard-earned outdoor spaces. There is no shortage of ideas out there when it comes to outdoor projects, but time, budget, and materials needed will affect which are manageable. Below, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most popular and obtainable projects to tackle.

Create A Garden

Every backyard needs a beautiful garden to enjoy. Not only will gardens provide gorgeous colors and maybe even food, but they are also fun for the whole family to tend to. Depending on location, gardens can be big or small, covered or uncovered, and planted with whatever you’d like. 

One of the best ways to achieve a garden in your backyard is by building planter boxes. These boxes can be custom-made to any size and house a plethora of flowers, fruits, veggies, and even herbs. Not to mention, you can even install some wire around them to protect it from pests and other animals.

Gardens are without a doubt one of the best additions to add value to a home. They add curb appeal, function, and so much enjoyment for decades of use. And best of all, there is little to no commitment after installation. Turn it into something else or remove it entirely without any damage to landscaping.

Hang Some Lights

Lights are one of the simplest and most effective additions to an outdoor space to make it into a dreamy oasis. You’ve probably seen the strung lights that cascade over outdoor spaces, or fairy lights delicately swirled into trees. These lights are so effortlessly beautiful and add so much life to any yard space.

You can even string lights along a fence or deck railing. Take advantage of the existing structures you have in place and make them stand out even more. Lights are the perfect weekend project for someone with minimal tools, and will take your yard to the next level in no time.

Add To Your Deck

Depending on its size, adding on to a deck may take more than a weekend. Nonetheless, a simple deck addition is great for any DIY’er willing to take it on. Some ways to do this are adding an additional level, upgrading the stairs, redoing the railings, or entirely replacing the deck boards. Decks are so valuable when it comes time to sell, don’t wait to update yours.

Fire Feature Focal Point

One of the best features you can add to a yard is a fire. Fire brings people together and creates a sense of comfort unlike any other. Fire pits and other fire features have been well-known and loved for yard spaces for decades, and the trend isn’t going anywhere. 

A simple fire feature installation can truly elevate the look and performance of your outdoor spaces for a lifetime of enjoyment. Gather around the fire with loved ones, tell stories, roast s’mores, and make memories to last a lifetime.

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