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Whether you’re ready or not, summer is just around the corner. With all of this warmer weather, there’s never been a better time to upgrade your outdoor spaces to prepare for the summer months ahead! 

For those on a budget or who love to tackle DIY projects themselves, there are so many opportunities to elevate your backyard. From small projects to massive renovations, now is the best time to get your materials ready to go.

Garden Planter Boxes

One of our customer-favorites for DIY projects are planter boxes. Planter boxes can easily be built using leftover material from fencing or decking installations. They can also be made affordably with new materials, as not much is required for these outdoor structures. 

Garden beds can be built with virtually any of our wood materials (decking, fencing, siding, etc.) and should be functionally sound for decades. This is a great weekend project to take on with the family and allows for a summer full of planting and hard-earned fun.

Fire Pit

What better way to enjoy those long summer nights than to kick back by the fire with friends and family? Fire pits can be made using a wide variety of materials and come in many different styles. Even just creating a small pit with some rocks can bring joy for years. 

Using wood from RMFP, customers love to install seating areas around their fire structures. Whether you’d like to build a custom couch built into the landscape or just some mobile chairs, we’ve got the materials you need to get it done!

Pergola or Gazebo

For those with existing backyard seating or dining areas, be sure to have a cover of some sort to protect your furniture from harsh summer weather. Sun exposure is one of the most dangerous conditions that our wood has to endure, so it is vital that homeowners install structures to mitigate this.

A very popular renovation that DIYers love to take on is building a pergola or gazebo. Pergolas can easily be put together using our materials and attached to the side of a house for a seamless transition. Although not entirely protective from the sun, there are many pergola styles that can completely close giving you all the shade you need.

Many people also love to add gazebos to their property. Gazebos are generally a statement piece in a backyard and make for a great spot to unwind with the family in the shade. You can add built in seating, some stairs, or even swinging chairs to really top this piece off. 

Custom Furniture

Every backyard needs some seating arrangements, especially for summer. What better way to enjoy your surroundings than to build custom furniture fit uniquely for your space? With materials from RMFP, the opportunities are endless.

You can build seating lining the inside of your fencing, an eye-catching table for all to gather around, or even a funky bar for guests to sit and enjoy a beer or two. Custom building furniture is a fun project that any level builder can take on.

Garden Arbor

For the gardeners in the family, make your sanctuary your own with an arbor. Fencing off your garden area is beautiful and safe for your plants, and adding an arbor is truly the cherry on top of this design.

Even for those with no designated garden area, an arbor overhanging a side fence is the perfect way to welcome people into your backyard space. Lots of our customers also love to install arbors over exterior doors to add an extra hint of style of grandiose. 

For more DIY ideas and tips, give our specialists a shout today here.