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When fall hits, the temperature drops, leaves turn yellow and orange, and everything is pumpkin and campfires. The best way to kick off the fall season is to visit the pumpkin patch, cook smores, and hang out with the family. Anderson Farms is the perfect place to start fall off on the right foot. With events for everyone in the family, you will have the time of your life. From haunted houses, corn mazes, private campfires, dancing, farm animals, a playground for the little ones and hay wagon rides- this is the ultimate fall event.

Pumpkin Patch Wagon Rides

Once you check in and get your wristband, you’re ready to start the party. You’re surrounded in post and dowel fencing as you wait for your wagon to arrive. Once your wagon made of reclaimed wood arrives, you hop in and take a short ride past corn mazes and the Terror in the Corn Maze haunted house. You arrive at a pumpkin patch full of all sorts of different pumpkins from small, medium and large. Take as much time as your need to pick your perfect pumpkin. Once you find the perfect ones, you take a short ride back to the farm where you put your pumpkins in a wheelbarrow and stroll through the general store that used to be a barn. You’ll arrive at the cashier stand surrounded with reclaimed barnwood. Now that you have your pumpkins, time to adventure!

Playground, Maze, and Jumping Place

For your little ones, they have their own place to adventure off to and get all their energy out. With a huge playground made of old timber posts and beams, they can escape to their castle where they are the king or queen to take over their kingdom. If they get bored, they can move on to the mini maze or the jumping pads.

Corn Maze

Do you like the thrill of making it through a maze without getting lost? Feeling like you’re on an adventure? If so, the corn maze is the place for you. The entire maze is over 5 miles long and is in the shape of a tractor surrounded by pumpkins. How long do you think it would take you to get through the maze? Can you make it through without getting lost? Give it a shot!

Zombie Paintball

Anyone who has ever seen an episode of The Walking Dead will love the zombie paintball. Basically how it works is that you hop aboard a bus made of reclaimed wood and composite decking with paintball guns mounted to the windows, then you are taken through the corn mazes with zombies popping out all around you. Shoot as many as you can in a thirty minute period. How many do you think you can shoot?

Haunted House

Fall means spooky season, which means it’s time for Halloween and haunted houses. Anderson Farms has a haunted house that is sure to scare the heck out of you, your family and friends. You are first taken onto a van that drives you out into the middle of the field, you unload and enter into an old reclaimed wood building that leads you through different rooms. A saloon, a crawl space, slaughter house, panic room and more. All the while, you are being jump scared, chased, and tortured- your worst nightmare. Now you think you have made it through the worst of it, but now you are being chased through the corn maze by zombies, clowns and monsters with chainsaws. Do you think you can make it through? We think we will pass!

Anderson Farms is the perfect place to take your family to spend some quality time and enjoy the start of the fall season. Surrounded with the rustic atmosphere of reclaimed wood barns, post and dowel fencing, timber playgrounds and obstacle courses you will have the time of your life. The great thing about Anderson Farms is you can enjoy a few select events or you can go all out and enjoy the pumpkin patch, playground, corn maze, haunted houses and more! Plan a trip with your family out to Anderson Farms and start a family tradition to kick off fall every year with a trip to the pumpkin patch.