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During a renovation, it’s crucial to ensure that you’re making the best decisions for the longevity and durability of your home or business. There’s no point in enduring the tumultuous rollercoaster of renovation just to realize that the house isn’t exactly how you want it or it won’t last as long as you may have initially thought. If you’re going to invest time and money into a project, getting it right the first time is essential. For large renovations, such as building a deck, one of the best products on the market for ensuring that your deck will stand the test of time and look its best for years to come is Trex decking

Trex is a composite decking and fence supplier that provides all of the natural beauty of wood without the maintenance, installation, and upkeep annoyances that are typically associated with decking projects. Trex decking is a great option for those who are concerned about fading, stains, splinters, infestation, chalking, and any other general aggravations that often arise from other variations of decking materials. 

What Makes Trex Different

Wood decking is known for its susceptibility to rotting, swelling, pest invaders, annual staining or sealing, and of course, its unsustainable ecological footprint. Trex aims to eliminate all of these worries. Installing fake wood into your home or business may sound like an unfavorable option when trying to make your desk look and feel its best, but in reality, Trex is currently in high demand and one of the best looking products you can buy. Since it’s a composite material, each board is designed to perfection so you don’t have to pick through to find the good and bad pieces.

Trex is manufactured specifically to interlock with itself and create the flawless appearance of natural wood. With Trex decking, you can reap all the benefits that natural wood offers without tolerating the consequences. One of the most beneficial aspects to Trex beyond its aesthetic is its affordability and comparably low prices to natural wood. At first glance, Trex may seem a bit higher in price than normal wood options, but once you take the low maintenance and future repair costs into consideration, Trex is one of the best options on a budget long-term. 

Natural wood often requires annual upkeep like re-staining, repainting, or replacing damaged boards. In certain scenarios, natural wood decking may need to be entirely replaced and reinstalled because of weathering, insects, or generic wear and tear. These costs add up over time, and it may be in your best interest to invest in a better decking system now rather than when it’s too late. 

Designing with Trex Decking

If you’ve ever installed a natural wood deck or built anything with wood for that matter, you’re aware that each board of wood is unique and may not match up with the next board as well as you’d like. With Trex, each board is designed to connect together to be as functional and natural-looking as possible. Instead of worrying about whether your deck will warp over time and shapeshift beyond repair, Trex will give you the peace of mind knowing your deck will stay put for years to come. 

Trex decking comes in all of the same shapes and sizes that typical natural wood does. For the most part, you’ll be the only one who even notices that your deck is Trex and not natural wood; they’re that similar. The design process for installing Trex decking is the same as with any other deck, you can customize the style, color, shape, location, and even variation that the composite material is devised from. 

One of the most sought-after features that Trex decking has to offer is its sustainability. Being eco-friendly is in style, and everyone is looking for ways to reduce their ecological footprint in any way they can. The composite materials that makeup Trex products are produced from recycled mediums, eliminating deforestation and carbon footprint concerns. Although all of our wood here at Rocky Mountain Forest Products is acquired sustainably and lawfully, you can never be too sure about where some other suppliers get their materials. Deciding to go with Trex for your lumber needs is a great way to ensure you’re being ecologically responsible and reducing your individual footprint. Doing good makes you feel good, and Trex will help to achieve that and more. 

Trex Composite Decking Products

Trex comes in a variety of different packages of colors and uses. These include Trex Transcend, Trex Select, Trex Enhance Naturals, and Trex Enhance Basics. All of the variations of composite decking are sustainable and natural-looking, accommodating different preferences and styles. 

Trex Transcend comes in a range of earth tones and tropical looks. This composite decking is ideal for those looking to turn their residence into a constant vacation zone. With its unparalleled beauty and easy upkeep, Trex Transcend is a great overall product to install in any home or business.

Trex Select focuses on the perfect pairing of price and low maintenance. With its extensive range of earth tones to choose from, there’s no limit to the designs that can be accomplished with Trex Select. If you’re looking to add some luxury at an affordable price, Trex Select is the way to go.

Trex Enhance Naturals emphasizes the natural beauty of wood with the ease of using composite materials. This composite decking offers the durability that composite is known for with the low prices that you can count on. Trex Enhance Naturals will last a long time and require very little aftercare.

Trex Enhance Basics is similar to that of Naturals, but at a more affordable rate with slightly less customizable options. There are three traditional colors to choose from with all of the same resilience as the more expensive products. Ultimately, whichever Trex composite decking you decide on, there’s really no way to go wrong. They are all beautiful and built to last. If you’re interested in learning more, give us a call and one of our highly trained Trex specialists will help you get started.