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Sometimes natural wood fencing just won’t cut it for commercial properties. Business owners are looking for the most protective option to protect their land, regardless of aesthetics. Commercial properties need a reliable fencing solution that won’t break the bank and Ameristar fencing offers just that!

Who Is Ameristar?

Headquartered in Tulsa, OK, Ameristar is the largest manufacturer of ornamental fencing and gates. They specialize in commercial use and have a wide variety of products for customers to choose from. Ameristar continues to raise the bar in terms of quality and longevity. Their products are known across the globe as the premiere fencing solution for security and reliability.

Ameristar goes beyond meeting the industry standard. They have taken it upon themselves to improve their products day-in and day-out to provide customers with a product truly built to last. Above the products, Ameristar has also made their people a priority. By providing safe work environments for their staff and a good company culture, Ameristar values every part of their business from start to finish.

At RMFP, we’ve teamed up with Ameristar to provide our client base with top-tier materials directly accessible to their business needs. Although we are biased towards our natural wood materials, Ameristar checks all the boxes in terms of safety and security. For those looking for a fencing solution for their business property, Ameristar has got you covered.

Benefits Of Commercial Ameristar Fencing Use

As with many commercial properties, business owners want their fencing to represent them as a company. They want a sturdy and reliable structure outside of their facility to let customers know they are serious and have their back no matter what. Ameristar not only offers a strong look, but it is also incredibly effective and built to last.

Unlike chain link or barbed wire fencing, Ameristar fencing offers a premium security solution while looking great. Its sleek profile and modern design make it the ideal product for a myriad of commercial properties. Chain link and barbed wire fencing can often give potential customers the wrong idea and look cheap.

Commercial properties will look safe and protected with Ameristar, unlike the stand-offish nature of barbed wire and the industrial look of chain link fencing. Ameristar is durable and will keep commercial properties secure without being an eye-sore in the process.

Another huge benefit of Ameristar Fencing is their extensive range of products with different applications. Whether you own a restaurant or a bank, there is a fence that is built for your needs. 

Product Lines For Any Needs

The product lines at Ameristar extend greatly, so we’ll just share a few of our favorites. Their Wireworks fencing line offers a product that is quite taller than the average privacy fence and is manufactured to be anti-climb. This is an ideal product for a high-security property that’s in need of a durable and protective solution.

Another customer favorite is the Echelon series. This product can be used for both commercial and residential properties. It has a minimalistic design and will clearly fence-in and protect any property. It offers industrial security for a wide range of businesses. It is shorter, however, so will not be the ideal product for security.

There are so many opportunities for security and safety with fencing solutions from Ameristar. To get a quote or learn more about our products, contact our representatives here.