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Timbers and beams are an important part of any builder’s material supply list. Whether you are using them for structural support, landscaping or as an architectural focal point in a new build- we have multiple sizes and species available to accommodate your specific project. Keep reading to learn more about the timber and beam options that RMFP is able to offer!

The General Term “Timber”

The use of timbers and beams in building is general. Typically, timbers are used rather than cutting lumber to a certain dimension in building. Traditional timber framing is when you use the method of creating the build and squaring off the ends while using pegs to secure it. At Rocky Mountain Forest Products, we cut out the middleman and source our products directly from the mill. This allows us to offer lower pricing than most timber suppliers. Contractors, homeowners, designers, architects, and landscapers search for high quality timbers and beams, often creating a high demand. Typical distribution looks something like this; Mill – Wholesaler – Lumber Yard – Contractor or Public where our process looks like this; Mill – Us – You. We completely cut out the expenses of transportation and unnecessary middle men creating savings for everyone!

Your Timber Options

When it comes to choosing the right beam for your specific project, there are a lot of things to consider. Such as:  will the beam be used indoors or outdoors? Will it act as a support beam? Are you looking to paint or stain? Are you wanting minimal upkeep?

These are just the basic questions for any standard job. The most complex and the more intricate the job gets, the more details you must pay attention to. We offer multiple different types of beams and a wide variety of each type to provide you with as many options as possible. We offer 12 different types of engineered beams:

  • LVL Beams
  • Glulam Beams
  • Cross Laminated Beams
  • Microlam
  • Paralam
  • Versa lam
  • Timberlam
  • PSL (Parallel strand lumber)
  • LSL (Laminated Strand lumber)
  • OSL (Oriented strand lumber)

If you are wanting a more natural look and to add a touch of nature into your home, our natural species timber and beams may be the right choice for you. We supply the following species:

  • Southern yellow pine pressure treated beams
  • Douglas fir beams
  • Western red cedar
  • Alaskan yellow cedar
  • Ponderosa pine beams
  • Eastern hemlock beams
  • White cedar/Blue stain pine beams
  • Multiple variations of spruce
  • Exotic hardwood

Our sales team is very knowledgeable on each type and species of beam we carry, which means we can help assist you in choosing the right one for the job.

Timber Profiles

We buy directly from the mill and can source standard size beams, as well as custom orders. We can order any length up to 48’, and can get the width and thickness of 36’ x 36’. Our beams can also be used for bridge planking and trailer decking with finished textures of smooth, rough, hand hewn, and circle sawn.

Commonly Asked Questions:

What is the difference between rough sawn and smooth sawn?

Rough Sawn is when the timber is rough on all four sides and will measure to the full timber. Meaning, all the measurements stand true.

A Smooth Sawn is when the timber is milled on all sides and is smooth to the touch, while sometimes not measuring true to size. For example, if a beam is 8x8x8 it may measure 7.7×7.7×7.5 once it has gone through the milling process.

What are the different ways I can use timbers and beams in a project?

You can use timbers and beams in a wide variety of projects in your home. A few examples are framing, landscaping, pergolas, steps inside or outside, gardens, exposed beams in your home, or framing a home.

Of course, aside from these projects you can use timbers and beams for just about anything you put your mind to. 

Timbers are a great way to implement a little bit a nature in your home. The trend today among architects and designers is rustic and mountain living. Timbers in your home, whether its with framing, mantels, or exposed beams, are the perfect way to give your home a rustic and cabin like look and feel. With the wide variety and selection of products we offer directly from the mill, you are sure to find the perfect high quality beam for your project at a good price!