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We’ve mentioned before how adding ledgestone, or stone veneer, to your home’s exterior can be a simple and affordable way to add extra curb appeal to your home. It can hide flaws under siding, cover cement foundations, line gardens, and can even be used to cover the entirety of your home for a more rustic or natural look.

You have to admit… stone houses do look incredible. They have this appearance of class, a higher quality. Which makes stone veneer a highly appealing addition to your home. But there are many other benefits to adding stone veneer that maybe you haven’t heard of yet. Here is a list of other reasons why you should add stone veneer to your home’s exterior, other than the curb appeal:

1. Increased Home Value

Why You Should Add Stone Veneer To Your Home Exterior

Perception is everything. When buyers are looking for a home, more often than not they are looking for the complete package. Something that screams beautiful and comfortable place to live. They want high class at a steal of a deal. The look of natural stone veneers appeals to that sense of  high quality that home buyers are looking for.

2. Good Insulation

stone veneer

source: thisoldhouse.com

Stone veneer adds insulation and protection from water and harsh weather against your homes exterior. Because of the durability, thickness, and naturally impervious stones your home is more protected. Even simple things like wind can damage your home in significant ways.  Not only that, but the extra layer  will help to maintain the heat in the winter and the cool in the summer inside your home. This is because the stones hold what is called “thermal mass”- which means that it absorbs heat, and releases it slowly. This regulation of temperature will help you with heating and cooling costs.


stone veneer

source: gardenviewcottage.tumblr.com

Natural stone veneers still use real stone, but are carved into squares and put on a mesh that holds the pieces together. They come in sheets usually a linear foot each, that you can self install easily, or have a professional install for you. They are durable to their very nature. They resist scratching, fading, and chalking. This in itself makes them better than vinyl siding.

Next time you drive around your neighborhood and see a home covered in stone ask yourself whether you can tell the difference between stone and stone veneer. We bet not.