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Curb appeal increases the value of your property, do it with a few iconic farmhouse touches.

First impressions mean absolutely everything, especially when it comes to a home. Even minor changes like new paint and some planter boxes can dramatically improve the look and value of your home. But did you also know that those alterations can also increase the value of all of the homes in the entire neighborhood? By making grooming your home, you’re making the entire neighborhood more appealing. If you’re in the process of selling your home, this is exactly what you want. Adding a farmhouse curb appeal gives an added sense of style and direction for the home, a bit of personal identity.


What does farmhouse curb appeal include?

Most people have a general image in their minds about what a farmhouse looks like. But it is recreating that farmhouse look that becomes the tricky part. It’s a popular style right now for homes, and there’s plenty of reason for this. It is charming and cozy. It is iconic of that more relaxed, down to earth, nature-loving sense that so many people love and want to feel. It allows us to cling to the idea that we are out in the country rather than living in a crowded suburb surrounded by people.

If you want that for your home, consider making a few of these changes to the exterior:


Most farmhouses/ country homes have well taken care of land. There are trees, maybe a garden, or at least some hanging plants.

The idea is to add some well groomed greenery.

Painting the exterior white

Most farmhouses are white, or at least, that’s the look of the typical farmhouse. It gives it that light and breezy look. That easy to maintain and charming white. Everything else around it will pop.

Not only that but white exterior paint has other benefits. It will help to keep your home cooler in the summer, reducing your electricity and cooling needs, and saving you money.

farmhouse curb appeal

Outdoor lighting

If you really want to go all out with the farmhouse curb appeal, we would suggest changing or adding a lantern like light next to the front door. Or even on both sides of the door.

Full swing shutters

Shutters are a great way to add charm, but also a means of adding some color and interest to the front of your home. Choose a popping color like blue or red if you really want the house to pop, or the classic black. Either way it’s a beautiful option.

Porch swing

Ahhh… the iconic porch swing. It’s great on any front porch, but it somehow suits the farmhouse so much better than the rest. Think of adding one to your front porch.

Front porch

On that note, think of adding a front porch if you don’t already have one. Those pillars and porch that takes up the entire lower level on the front of the home will always be a staple of the farmhouse image.

farmhouse curb appeal


If you’ve watched Fixer Upper on HGTV, then you’ve likely seen a consistent love for shiplap throughout the show. Many of the homes are designed in a rustic or farmhouse appeal, and most of them include at least a little bit of shiplap. Whether it be on the front of the home, or somewhere inside, it’s there.

If you’re interested in adding a front porch or deck to your home, or are looking for some shiplap siding, contact us at: 866-534-2108. Or, you can reach us through our contact page. No appointments are needed if you want to stop by our lumber yard in person.