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This week, we’ve asked Content Creator and Blogger, Kristen Chapple, to contribute her extensive knowledge on the building industry to the RMFP blog. Kristen is passionate about DIY and home improvement projects, and we hope her article can provide you with a bit of insight into those areas of interest. You can check out more of Kristen’s work at WoodWorkNation.com and InspireDesignAndCreate.com.

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7 Creative Ways to Use Bandsaw to Upgrade Your Home

The most valuable asset for several homeowners is their houses. Homeowners are always looking for creative methods of upgrading their homes. After all, a beautifully designed house can fetch a higher price in the market.

However, most remodeling ideas, like building an extension that requires you to hire an expert, are expensive. Luckily, there are several affordable DIY upgrades that can increase the value of your home. Other than being affordable, most of these projects can be done with simple tools in your workshop.

Creative Ways to Upgrade Your Home

1. Making Book-Matched Cabinet Doors

Book-matching panels add a mark of fine craftsmanship and visual interest to your project. Book-matching means re-sawing a unique piece of wood with an interesting pattern and then opening it up like a book to create identical mirror-image surfaces. You can use the identical panels to build side-by-side matching cabinet doors.

For this project, all you need is a thick stock with a unique pattern that you can re-saw using your bandsaw to create two identical panels. And choosing the right re-sawing bandsaw can be quite tricky; luckily, you can find more details on some of the best tools from https://www.woodworknation.com/best-band-saw-reviews/.

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Photo by Fran Hogan on Unsplash

2. Build Arched Cabinet Doors

Cathedral raised-panel cabinet doors, also referred to as arched doors, can be a great addition to your home. However, they can be quite fun for any woodworker to design and finally make his/her door. For this project, you need a router table equipped with an over 2-hp variable speed router that can accommodate a 0.5-inch shank router, a bandsaw to cut the curves, and door-making router bits.

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Photo by Gabriel Manlake on Unsplash

3. Install Metal Tile Backsplash

Metal tiles backsplash can transform the entire look of your kitchen. There are numerous metal tiles in the market that are made using different materials like bronze, copper, aluminum, and stainless steel. And while some manufacturers insist on a special way of installing their tiles, a considerable percentage of these tiles are installed the same way.

The best tool for cutting metal tiles that are recommended by most manufacturers is the bandsaw equipped with a diamond or carbide blade. Make your cuts with the tiles face up, and if the blade starts to glow red or smoke, you can cool it down using cooling oil. Remember, metal doesn’t expand like other materials, so make sure you leave some expansion joints.

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Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o30S_KNtiYw&t=7s

4. Create Decorative Porch Brackets

Beautifully designed Victorian porch brackets can improve the overall looks of the front part of the house. Most brackets are made from manufactured wood. If you are replacing a broken porch bracket, you can start by creating a template on a piece of paper and then transferring the image onto an MDF wood.

Screen Shot 2020 11 30 at 11.50.28 AM

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lfd7CdOsAXw

5. Make a Massironi Shelf

Massironi shelf is a unique design that was created by Manfredo Massironi, who was fascinated by numerous visual forms. Manfredo made two shelves, one with five planks and a bigger one with seven planks. A Massironi shelf can improve the overall appearance of your living room.

Screen Shot 2020 11 30 at 11.50.35 AM

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WgNNBBMtZJE&t=290s

6. Make Curved Wood Steps for Your Stairs

Rounded wooden steps can improve the overall look of your basic wooden stairs. The curved wood steps are ideal for numerous interior designs. And since finding rounded wooden steps in stores is quite a challenge, the best option is to make them yourself.

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Photo by Jonathan Borba on Unsplash

7. Add a Curved Stair Tread That Ends With a Semicircle

A curved stair tread adds charm to all wooden staircases. Plus, it doesn’t have to be unique; just a slight curve on the front part of your stair can do the trick. A rounded nose at the start of your step can break the boring square lines found on most stairs.

Screen Shot 2020 11 30 at 11.50.49 AM

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qxP4QOUtnOc&t=24s

Final Thoughts

Homeowners are always looking for affordable ways to make their homes stand out in the neighborhood. And the only way to upgrade their homes is by looking for unique, affordable remodeling ideas. So why don’t you try the above bandsaw remodeling ideas?