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Whether you’re trying to pass the time or learn a new skill, working on projects in the backyard is always a good time. Have tools but aren’t sure what to do just yet? If so, then keep on reading and we’ll show you some great ideas to get that DIY blood flowing.

1. Pallet Wine Rack

Like wine? Have some basic tools?

Make a wine rack. It’s not very difficult in the end, you just have to make the cutouts for the bottles and then put them together with a frame to hold them up.

For bonus points, you can use reclaimed lumber to create an aged appearance. Sun damaged pallets are easy to find and you can check easily to make sure they’re strong enough to support your bottles.

They make a great display piece in the home, and the materials are free! An experienced DIYer can put one together in an afternoon, so keep an eye out for those old, abandoned pallets!

2. Make a Garden Bench

Why not enhance your backyard while you’re out there?

A bench can vary from a few boards placed on stumps to elaborate creations. Most DIYers will be able to create a frame easily, and if you don’t have the lumber there’s always supports.

You can also paint it to suit your tastes when you’re done. This is doubly important with reclaimed lumber. It looks great, but you may be prone to splinters when you’re sitting on it

You can go full-hog and paint decorative patterns over the surface, or just lay down some primer for a unique, rustic look that’s sure to be a neighborhood hit.

3. Coaster Set

There’s more to carpentry than larger furniture pieces. Go buy some oak firewood with the bark still on it. Use the bigger chunks for your next barbecue, but keep any limbs which are 4-5” around.

Chop these limbs into rounds which are ¼” to ½” thick depending on tastes. Sand them afterward, going up to a smooth grit like 400. Then use a tack cloth to get all of the dust off.

Spray them down with a glossy coat of polyurethane.

Tada! You now have a set of coasters that look better than anything you can buy in a store. It’s simple enough to do in a few hours, but it really packs a visual punch when you see them in person.

4. Scrap Wood Planters

Most DIY types have some extra wood lying around. You can use these scraps to create a wonderful, unique planter easily.

You can use any bucket as the base. Drill holes in the bottom for drainage, then nail pieces of wood cut to length to the sides of the plastic. Depending on how you want them to look you can either leave the wood alone or actually finish it with stain and polyurethane spray.

It’s quick, easy, and basically free. These planters also lend themselves to a really wide variety of designs, so why not take a look at your scrap bin and see what you can do.

5. Tool Shed

Making a small shed for your gardening tools is easier than most people think. You can even stylize it with minimal skills, it’s just a matter of finding the right materials.

The easiest way to start is with a frame made of 1” by 2”, held together with screws and brackets. You can then add paneling to the frame, creating an enclosure. Remember to leave room for the door!

Add the door and a lock, put some hooks on the internal frame, and then rig up a roof. Cut paneling can be painted to create a “shingle” effect on the roof.

It’s a great way to flex some serious DIY skills without spending a lot on materials and tools. It’s also a cute addition to your yard that people are likely to remember for a long time after their visit.

6. Pond Box

If you’re looking for a new fixture in the backyard but aren’t quite sure you want to dig down… try a boxed pond!

You’ll still have to buy the liner and equipment, but you’ll save a lot on soil removal and backbreaking digging.

With the right liner and a good trellis built above? You may just end up with the best looking pond in the neighborhood, without then permits required for digging.

Best of all, it’s a relatively simple process with a great end result. Just make sure your ducks are in a row when it comes to pond care, you’ll still have to be able to fight off algae and pests that may happen after all. 

DIY in the Bag!

DIY projects are a great way to kill time, but each project is also unique to the person making it. We hope that you’ve got some great ideas for your yard, now it’s just a matter of putting them in action! So, with summer on the way… isn’t it time to start picking up your tools?