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What makes a great deck?

The design? The material used? The overall craftsmanship?

To be honest, a great deck involves all of these things. But one of these variables can carry more weight than the others, and that’s the material used.

Depending on your budget or preferences, the materials available to you can change. But this is actually where traditional softwoods, like Redwood, have the upper hand. So in this quick article we’ll cover 5 reasons why redwood decks are an excellent choice for Denver.

1) Redwood has the lowest cost per linear foot

As a traditional softwood, Redwood materials will have a lower price point than an exotic hardwood like Tigerwood or a composite material. So if you’re looking for a great deck that won’t break the bank, redwood decks are the solution.


2) Redwood provides a natural resistance

Another reason why Redwood is an excellent choice for Denver decks is that it provides resistant characteristics, naturally. Other materials will need protective finishes to avoid harmful damages like moisture, but the resins within Redwood allows the material to resist moisture, rot and insects without those extra finishes.

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3) Redwood has the best value

Redwood decks also has the best value when it comes to deck materials. As previously mentioned, Redwood possesses natural, resistant characteristics. This allows the material to have an incredibly long lifespan. We’ve seen redwood decks last up to 15 or 20 years with ease here in Denver, so lifespan isn’t a concern!


4) Redwood doesn’t need to be stained every year

A lot of concern arises with Redwood’s maintenance requirements, but before you continue reading just know that we’re here to clear up some of the confusion. While the general consensus among deck owners is that you should perform an annual re-stain, one of the best parts about redwood is that you actually have the option to not re-stain. By not doing a re-stain, you’ll slowly start to see your deck weather and grey in color, achieving a more rustic look giving your deck a bit of character.

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5) Redwood provides a unique look

And the final reason why Redwood decks are right for Denver is that the coloring is truly unique! The appearance of a Redwood deck is so popular and highly desired by homeowners, that stain companies have made finishes to mimic the appearance of redwood. But after talking about the true value of a real, natural redwood product you should know that nothing will ever compare to the real thing!