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If you’re a successful contractor but have never worked with Rocky Mountain Forest Products before, you might think that we’re just another lumberyard. While we do carry a lot of the same products you will find at other lumberyards, we are vastly different in the way we do business. Not sure if you should give us a try or not? Well, keep reading… maybe we can convince you!

#1 Better Pricing

If you are a contractor, we know that price is important. You are bidding a job and you want to be as competitive as possible with your price in order to win the bid. That’s where the importance of pricing comes in. Because of the way that we purchase our materials, we are able to offer more competitive pricing than most of our competitors. We function as a wholesale to the public lumberyard. By importing a majority of our materials directly from the mill, we are able to cut out the middleman and offer a drastically lower price on a lot of our items. Don’t believe us? We are open and transparent with our pricing, so bring in a competitor’s price and let us see if we can beat them. 

#2 Better Selection

Again, because of the way we purchase our materials, we are able to offer a wider selection of products than most of our competitors. Typically, we can offer between 6-8 different options for any product we carry. Even though we may not have every option in stock, we are able to quickly bring in special orders for customers in as little as a day depending on the product. Because of our relationships with the mills, we are also able to offer custom siding profiles if you are trying to match existing siding. Our connections to our suppliers are limitless, so if you’re not sure we carry a product, just ask. The chances are high that we can get it for you.

#3 Better Quality

Because we purchase directly from the mill, we have stronger quality control over the products we bring into our yard. Some suppliers are at the mercy of whatever the distributor decides to supply them with, whether it’s good quality or not. We don’t have that problem- all of our materials are inspected to ensure they meet grade and meet our expectations for what we know our contractors want when they purchase with us. We also know that some of our contractors don’t want to purchase premium materials. We offer a few different options for grades so we can service all of our contractors. With a lower grade, we clearly explain what a contractor should expect when using a certain grade, so there are no surprises down the line.

#4 Better Experience

The experience at some big box stores is sometimes less than positive. Given their model of doing business, contractors may feel like they are vying for the attention of the store in order to get their needs met. At RMFP, we have a full team of salespeople that are dedicated to servicing your account. This means we are available in person, phone, email, texting and even on social media. We are here to make it easier for you to run your business. Think of us as an extension of your own company. Need a quote for fencing materials on the fly before you arrive at a client’s home? Just reach out, we will do everything possible to be an asset to your company. When you succeed, we succeed.

#5 Strong Marketing Presence

We realize that as a building materials supplier in this day and age, we have to innovate and be better. That’s why we have a full in house marketing team that is dedicated to bringing the latest industry news, products, and contractor knowledge to you on whatever social media platform you choose to use. We are also committed to being an asset to our contractors to help them further promote their business. We love featuring contractor’s work on our website and social media. We also enjoy creating promotional videos highlighting the beautiful work that a lot of our contractors do. Have some work you want to share with us to get the word out about your business? Just get in touch with us!

Hopefully these 5 Reasons a Smart Contractor Works with RMFP has been helpful in understanding the benefits of using us for your fencing, decking, siding or specialty woods needs. We would love to meet you and work with you soon. Reach out today!