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Attics. The one space most underused in a house, even less so than the basement. A space usually reserved for storage of Christmas decorations and boxes of old memories. A lot of people don’t know though, that the attic is where most homes loose a lot of their heating and cooling, and a huge loss of energy due to an under-insulated attic. By renovating the space you are not only adding a room, or multiple rooms… you are increasing your home’s value and fixing any weak spots that may be contributing to higher energy costs.

Attics are typically under insulated, wire exposed, extremely cold in winter, and stifling in the summer. Converting it into a usable space addresses the common shortcomings of the typical attic.

There are endless renovation options, and it’s almost guaranteed that every homeowner would like that extra space for something. So here are a few ideas to inspire your renovation, and prove that attics should never be wasted space.

The Movie Theater

This is becoming an increasingly popular ticket item for homeowners. While every home may have a living room, a home theater takes it to the next level. Having one in the attic makes it even more special. It’s a place that is cozy, open, dramatic with beams, and can provide a much wanted space to hide away from the rest of the world… and the rest of the household. Particularly perfect for sleepovers.

5 Images That Prove No Attic Should Ever Be Wasted Space

source: leotrippi.files.wordpress.com

Home Spa

If you really want to go all out, then go for a spa space like this. It’s a huge space for a bathroom, but if you are looking to create a retreat… you’ve got it. Sky lights add immense light. Trees give it an ethereal and natural feel. The stream glass shower with bench inside… need I say more.

5 Images That Prove No Attic Should Ever Be Wasted Space

source: homesthetics.net

The Attic Bedroom

Homes don’t always come with enough bedrooms for every child or visitor. The attic is the perfect solution to adding much needed sleeping space to your home.

5 Images That Prove No Attic Should Ever Be Wasted Space

source: apartmenttherapy.com

The Attic Closet

If you’re the type that has a ton of shoes and clothes and has never had enough space to put them all… well make way for your dream closet! You could use part of the attic and use the rest as a master bedroom and bathroom… or you could use the entire attic as a closet space. It all depends on how much space you need and what other needs for the space you have.

5 Images That Prove No Attic Should Ever Be Wasted Space

source: architecturendesign.net

The Attic Studio

Don’t have an office space anywhere else in the house? Are you an artist or run a home business? How about a library and desk for a writer? The attic is the perfect place to get away and concentrate on work. It’s secluded from the rest of the house and offers the separation you need between home and work. If there is such a thing.. yes… I believe so…

Images That Prove No Attic Should Ever Be Wasted Space

No matter how you transform your unused attic space, you’ll find that it was worth every effort.