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Are you looking to take on a new hobby in the New Year? Then we have the perfect solution for you – woodwork.

There’s nothing more satisfying than admiring your own handiwork at the end of a project. Woodworking is low cost and allows you to make your own gifts, home decor, and more. The possibilities are endless.

You can even get the kids involved to spend some extra time bonding with them.

But what if you’ve never made something out of wood before?

We’ve got you covered with these five easy wood projects. Even if you’re a woodworking novice, you should have great success with these simple but rewarding projects. Let’s get started!

Log Candle Holder

Log Candle Holder

(Source: Man Made Woods on Amazon)

Candles are a great way to add atmosphere to your home. You can give your regular household candles a little extra pizzazz by creating a wood base for them.

This project is so quick and easy that you may want to create a few of them. All you need to do is take a piece of log and soak it in bleach water to get rid of any unwanted, multi-legged guests.

Next, cut the log in half through its length so you end up with two pieces that have flat bottoms. Use a power drill to make three holes in each one (not the whole way through, though) and place your candles inside.

You can also turn this into an awesome centerpiece by adding a bit of greenery. This candle holder will provide an excellent way to bring the outdoors inside and lighten everyone’s mood.

Wooden Boot Scraper

Wooden Boot Scraper

(Source: FamilyHandyman.com)

Are soiled shoes ruining your indoor carpet?

You can take care of this problem by making your own traditional Swedish boot scraper.

All you need is 9 2x2s, about 20 inches in length each. Cut one of them in half to create the two base pieces.

Cut triangular openings into the side of the two base pieces for the other slats to fit into at an angle. Drill holes into the edges of the remaining 2x2s so they can be attached to the base using galvanized screws.

Place it at the front door so everyone can easily scrape the dirt off their shoes before entering. Problem solved!

Doorknob Necklace Holder

Doorknob Necklace Holder

(Source: Sweet Sadie K on Etsy)

If your wife loves gifts from the heart, she’ll love this one. It’s the perfect present for an anniversary or Mother’s Day gift. (Your mother would love one, too.)

You can use wood from a pallet or even a piece of driftwood for this one. It’s also an interesting way to repurpose all those odd doorknobs left over from previous projects.

Simply drill a few holes into the piece of wood and attach the doorknobs. They don’t even need to match. Now you can hang it up in the bedroom. It will serve as a chic decoration while allowing your wife to keep all her necklaces beautifully organized.

Wooden PC Monitor Stand

Wooden PC Monitor Stand

(Source: Home Depot)

We live in a digital world where technology has become a part of our everyday lives. Unfortunately, all the gadgets you have in your house can make it feel cluttered. So how do you fix it? With wood, of course.

Clear up your desk by making this super simple PC monitor stand. It will elevate your monitor and open up space underneath for storage.

All you need is three pieces of wood (one of which is about the same width as your monitor, the other two will be shorter), a sanding block, clamps, and wood glue.

Use the sanding block to smooth the edges of the wood. This will get rid of all the shavings and splinters.

Once you’ve wiped away all the dust created by the sanding, apply glue to the edges of the two smaller wood pieces. These will form your base. Place them firmly against the bottom of the larger piece of wood and attach your clamps to keep them in place.

Leave the glue to dry overnight, and then remove the clamps. Now you can add a finish of your choosing and admire your new stand. Place your monitor on top and use the space beneath it to store your keyboard and mouse.

Paint Brush Holder

Paint Brush Holder

(Source: India Mart)

Do you count an artist among your friends or loved ones? If so, they’ll love this handmade gift for storing their paint brushes.

All you need to do is take a block of scrap wood (or even a piece of log) and drill a few holes in the top. You can even vary the sizes of the holes to accommodate different types of brushes, pencils, and other utensils.

Add a personal touch by painting the wood, or use Mod Podge to attach a picture of your choosing.


Once you knock out these simple projects, you can check with YouTube to get inspiration for more advanced DIY woodworking projects.

Maybe you want to build a new deck for those family BBQs. Or perhaps you’ve finally decided that your 30-year-old wooden fence needs replacing.

It’s fun and rewarding to make something with your own hands. Plus, it can be a great activity to do with your family members to make memories in 2020.