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Split rail fencing is known and loved worldwide for its affordability, ease of installation, and traditional rustic look. Even centuries after its initial use, the fencing style remains one of the most popular across the globe. What is less known about split rail is that it was actually one of the earliest forms of fencing in America. Given that so many early American settlers were farmers, split rail made the most sense for their rural lifestyle. With acres of land to mark boundaries of and animals to secure safely, split rail fencing offered the perfect solution for people looking for cheap and effective materials.

As time went on and rural populations began to spread to cities and more industrialized locations, fencing that offered privacy and security took more of a prominence. Split rail fencing still remained widely popular among ranchers and those in the countryside. Fast forward to today, split rail fencing has seen a resurgence as homeowners look to design farmhouse-inspired residences and are migrating back to rural areas. Suburban areas have begun to implement more split rail fencing solutions to boost curb appeal and add character and rustic charm.

Given its vast history, it’s no secret that split rail fencing has benefits to last a lifetime. Many fencing styles have come and gone since the early adoption of split rail. As it is still widely used and loved, split rail fencing must be doing something right to check all the boxes for home and business owners. Here are 5 of the top reasons to consider a split rail fence for your property:

1. Low Cost

When it comes time to start a fence build, cost will almost always play a huge role in material decision making. Split rail fencing is one of the most (if not the most) cost effective fencing systems available. Given its rustic appearance and lock-in rail look, split rail is cheap to make and perfect for those looking to save on build costs. Since split rail fencing is also easy to build, installation is affordable and painless. Whereas some other fencing systems require involved installations and expensive contract work to be done. Especially for folks living in rural areas looking to mark property boundaries, this fencing is affordable enough to cover acres of land without breaking the bank. All round, split rail fencing is a great choice for those looking out for their wallets and time. 

2. Long Lasting

Although split rail fencing is known mainly for its affordable price tag, it’s also widely applauded for its natural durability and long lasting qualities. Split rail fencing can be made with a handful of different materials, but at RMFP, we tend to recommend cedar as the primary material for all split rail systems. Cedar is a great option, especially in Colorado, that is built to last. Naturally, cedar does well in a wide variety of climates and weather conditions, making it one of the best materials for a fence design that is so widespread across the world. Split rail fencing has a timeless look and is one of those fencing systems that is truly built to last for as long as you will need it to. 

3. Ease of Installation

As previously mentioned, split rail fencing is one of the easiest kinds of fencing to install. Because the rails of the fence sit inside the holes of the posts, it’s practically seamless for anyone to install regardless of experience and equipment. The materials are also quite light in comparison to some heftier fence systems, making the process even more doable to the average landowner. Even for those who still would like to bring on a professional for installation, costs will be cut dramatically due to less labor hours and equipment needed on the contractor’s part. 

4. Rustic Appeal

One of the greatest benefits of split rail fences is their rustic charm. Everyone loves to have traditional features in the design of their home, and split rail achieves just that and then some. The character of split rail remains unmatched and is ideal for those in more rural areas or those in suburban areas looking to bring back that country charm of old-world America. 

5. Performance in a Colorado Climate

Split rail fencing, especially that made of cedar, is one of the best fences for those living in Colorado or in biomes similar to what we experience here. Dry winters, harsh sunlight, unpredictable snow and hail are all no match for this robust and resistant material. Split rail fencing in Colorado remains one of the most popular options due to its natural chemical ability to withstand the elements and look beautiful in any weather condition. 

All in all, it doesn’t get much better than split rail fencing and all of the amazing benefits it can provide for any lifestyle. Whether you live in a rural area or the suburbs, split rail is a perfect fencing solution for anyone. Contact us for a quote today if you’re ready to implement the advantages of a split rail fence for your home!