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Ever wonder what the purpose of a perimeter fence is? Although many of the advantages aren’t immediately obvious, there are plenty of great reasons to install a fence on your property. Here are a few of the main ways a quality fence can serve you on a daily basis!



If you happen to live by a busy street – or maybe just some noisy neighbors – a fence can help you regain some of that peace and quiet you’ve been missing out on.  Of course, a fence can’t eliminate surrounding noises completely, but having a barrier between your home and the source of the problem will definitely help. Of course, in this instance, the tighter the fence the better the results you will get, so be sure to choose an appropriate style of fence.



A fence around the perimeter of your yard can help protect your belongings. Tools, toys, or light furniture left out in the background are prime targets for theft, but if they’re hidden behind a fence they’re far less likely to be stolen or even seen in the first place. Along the same lines, homes with fences are less often targeted for break-ins since the fence itself is just another obstacle for would-be criminals to work around.  In this instance, not only are your possessions safer, but your family’s safety is improved as well!



If you have pets that like to spend time outside, a fence can be a big asset for you. Rather than having to hover over Fido as he takes care of his morning business, you could let the fence ensure that he doesn’t escape while you continue to prepare for your day uninterrupted. If you have a leaper, just be sure to install a fence that is tall enough to keep everyone on the right side!



Some argue that installing a fence inbetween your own yard and your neighbor’s is a little antisocial, but we disagree. Open space can be fine in some situations, but other times a barrier is necessary to ensure that every member of your family is comfortable and able to enjoy their time outside in the yard.


If all of that sounds good to you, just know that right about now is the best time to get started if you want to install a quality fence at the best possible price. Give us a call and one of our fencing specialists will be happy to help you get started.