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This week we saw the first real turn into the winter season here in Denver. The time of waking up just a little bit earlier to de-frost your car and shovel your sidewalk free of snow has arrived. This usually means that exterior home projects like a fence or deck are also coming to close.

So imagine trying to change a flat on the side of a highway in the middle of a snow or rain storm.

Sounds horrible, right?

While building a fence, or even a deck or pergola, may not be that comparable to fixing a flat tire, the takeaway is: having to build a fence outside, by yourself, in the extremely cold weather is not a fun undertaking.

At the same time, there are plenty of other cost efficient or more convenient methods of getting that fence built.

So here are 4 crucial things to take note of with these off-season projects. (Some of which that can absolutely save you money.)


1. Finding a Contractor

It’s no surprise that homeowners and contractors associate projects like fences or decks with the summer season.

It’s warm. It’s sunny. It’s perfect building weather!

The implication of this is that all of the contractors who offer the highest quality work, will most likely be completely booked. Fear not.

With the winter season causing more appointments to drop off, this would be the ideal time to contact those contractors and setting up an appointment that fits your timeframe.

This also leads to our next point…


2. Budgets

Building in the “off-season” can actually be the best time to build for cost-conscious, highly efficient consumers.


Contractors – as mentioned above – have a harder time scheduling appointments. So if you spend a little time shopping around and pricing out your different options, you’re more than likely to find a contractor who fits perfectly within your budget.


3. Deals and Sales

It’s not just contractors where you can find great savings in the winter season, but suppliers as well.

For example, as a wholesaler Rocky Mountain Forest Products actually run a lot of great deals during this time of the year.

So again, the winter season may seem like a bad time to start a fence project, but in reality it could very well be the saving grace for the cost-conscious customers.


4. Ready for the Holidays

Wouldn’t you rather sit by the fire and watch the snow fall, than nailing in a picket and being snowed on?

Of course!

This time of the year is a time for family, comfort and of course: relaxation.

Schedule your appointments now. Buy your materials now. And always keep your time frame and project timeline in mind so you can kick back and relax this winter season.


So while the idea of building a fence or deck in the snowy weather can be challenging or considered a burden, there are plenty of financial benefits to building a project in the “off-season”. Just be sure to get your appointments set with contractors and suppliers squared away.