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Are you looking for decking ideas that will make jaws drop and neighbors stop?

Who isn’t?

By incorporating a deck into your home’s backyard, not only will your property’s value have a chance of increasing, but it allows for another area of which you can lounge out after a long week and truly relax.

In this week’s article, we’ll cover a few different decking ideas that will truly make your deck look like a one of a kind masterpiece.
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One of the first decking ideas we’ll cover is the flooring design.

Depending on your contractor’s craftsmanship skills, you can have multiple flooring designs at your disposal. Check out the diamond design, one of my favorites. Centered in the middle then expanding outwards in the shape of a diamond gives this particular design a great feel.

Another popular design for decking ideas is the use of a Parquet design.

Try to picture a checker board when seeing this design. But rather than the pattern alternating between black and white, the direction of the deck boards alternates from horizontal to vertical.

Decking Patterns Decking Patterns

Similarly to the Diamond method, this Parquet design exudes a modern style.

But if you’re looking for a more simple design that will still achieve a mind-blowing aesthetic, there’s also the 45 Degree Diagonal design. This design is much easier to install, so your contractor’s skill won’t be an issue – plus if you’re trying to tackle your project in a DIY fashion, then this design could be an ideal choice.

The second decking idea we’ll cover is the usage of cable railings.

Decking projects will often require railing systems to be put in place, largely due to safety concerns if those decks are off the ground. But if you’re looking for a jaw-dropping railing idea then we have an option for you: Fortress Railings Vertical Cable system.

Cable Railing  Cable Railing

This new modern deck railing system would be perfect for those seeking a modern design. The stainless steel cables paired with a powder coat black rail gives this system a great aesthetic while also being completely safe, durable and simple to install!


The third decking idea is dependent on if you choose natural wood over composite.

One awesome feature with traditional softwood decking is that if you choose to not stain your decking boards, or stain them less regularly than recommended, they can actually start to weather and age resulting in a silver-grey color – this color gives the deck a sense of character!

There are also exotic hardwood stains available, so you can even manipulate species like redwood or cedar to look like the popular specie of Tigerwood or even Mahogany.

aged deck rocky mountain forest products

This is critical in some situations as some homeowners are looking for affordable options – i.e. cedar and redwood.

By utilizing an exotic hardwood stain with a traditional softwood material, you can achieve the affordability and functionality of cedar and redwood while maintaining an exotic aesthetic.


The fourth and last decking idea we’ll cover is finding a water shedding system.

These types of systems can be incredibly beneficial for Colorado homeowners.

Water has a tendency to build up beneath decks, and if that water freezes it can result in jeopardizing your deck’s structural integrity. By having a water shedding system for your composite deck, your project will no longer be susceptible to these issues.

If you’re looking for a suitable water shedding system, look to our DuxxBak product by Green Bay Decking.

duxxbak water shedding composite deck duxxbak water shedding composite deck

Where other water shedding systems are a separate material that must be built into your deck, this product is the only Two-in-One system giving it the best value out of all its competitors.

Not only does a two-in-one system mean that you’ll spend less money on your project’s material cost as a whole, but you’ll even cut down on installation time and therefore labor costs!