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Beetle Kill Pine has become increasingly popular within Colorado.

Just last week we had a client working on creating numerous jewelry boxes out of Beetle Kill Pine. We’ve even seen Tiny House projects utilize this material. So what we’re getting at is that this awesome building material can be used for any sort of project you want!

Here are a few examples of Beetle Kill Pine applications that we’ve seen:

Beetle Kill Pine Desk

This customer used Beetle Kill to form an L-shaped desk complete with drawers. The blue stain gives the desk a sense of character and uniqueness, creating a beautiful piece of furniture.

Blue Stain Beetle Kill Pine Desk


Beetle Kill Pine Loft

Another furniture application, the same customer built a lofted bedding system. The blue stain has no effect on the strength of the wood, so you’ll be more than safe when you climb that ladder and crawl into bed after a long day of work.

Blue Stain Beetle Kill Pine Loft


Glenwood Springs Innovators

According to this older article from the Aspen Times, one man from Glenwood Springs went as far as making his very own skis out of Beetle Kill! The company is called Meier Skis and they have been in business since 2009 making skis and snowboards out of locally harvested Beetle Kill lumber.


Even more furniture

Here are some more examples of furniture or decor applications: we’ve seen blue stain chests, tables and even large cabinets.

Beetle Kill TableBeetle Kill ChestBeetle Kill Cabinet


These are just some of the ways in which we’ve seen Beetle Kill Pine used for home projects. More often than not they are for décor, but like the company from Glenwood Springs – you’re clearly not limited to that!

This article was formed as more of a brainstorming session, so please comment below any other types of Beetle Kill Pine or Blue Stain projects you’ve seen or done! We’d love to hear your input.

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