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Recently we had the pleasure of speaking with Hallie Veith, Lead Designer at 328 Designs here in Denver, Colorado. Continue reading to learn more about Hallie and how this Colorado Interior Design company started!

RMFP: Thank you for taking the time out of your day to talk with us Hallie! Can you tell us, what is the story of your company? How did you get started?

HALLIE: It started with me growing up with a passion for design. I worked with my grandpa on hotels starting at a young age, throughout my whole childhood. I continued to build my passion and went to school at CU, graduating with a degree in Interior Design. I started out at a Design and Construction Firm, worked there for a few years up until 8 ½ years ago when I decided to start 328 Designs when my son was 1 month old.

RMFP: That is so awesome. So, you have been in business for almost 9 years?

HALLIE: Yes, that’s correct!

RMFP: Super neat, what do you like about working in the industry?

HALLIE: I love the challenge of space planning and watching an idea transform from my imagination to a project that’s real life in front of me.

RMFP: Perfect, what do you think makes your business unique or different from others?

HALLIE: I think our design expertise and our knowledge in construction make us stand out and unique for sure.

RMFP: For sure, knowledge in construction is something that is useful especially in your field. So Hallie, how many employees work at 328 Designs?

HALLIE: I have 2 employees!

RMFP: Awesome! Last question, what is the most prestigious project you’ve worked on?

HALLIE: last year I worked on a project that won the “Peak Award” for the Summit County Parade of Homes.

RMFP: Wow that’s incredible! Congratulations on that! Please share some pictures with us! Thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to let us interview you. It was great talking with you. Have a great rest of your week!

HALLIE: No problem at all. Talk soon!

Colorado Interior Design Photography

Below are some pictures from the Parade of Homes that Hallie worked so hard on and won! These pictures were taken by her photographer Chayce Lanphear with Chayce Lanphear Photography.

Living Area

Colorado Interior Design

PC: Chayce Lanphear Photography


Colorado Interior Design

PC: Chayce Lanphear Photography


Colorado Interior Design

PC: Chayce Lanphear Photography

If you would like to get in touch with 328 Designs for your next project, you can call Hallie at 303.350.9155, visit their website, connect with them on Facebook, or follow them on Instagram!