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As Colorado residents, we are truly given a gift with our winter season.

Not only does it not snow as hard as some locations deeper into the Midwest, but the snow generally melts by the afternoon!

We get the beauty of snow without all the hassles.

However, while we are given this gift we can’t throw caution to the wind in regards to our property’s condition. Winter is time that can put natural made materials in a more vulnerable position – but not if you take proper care of them!

So if you have an outdoor living area, like an outdoor kitchen or patio, we have some tips on how to keep those features in great condition.


Seal Granite Countertops More Frequently

Granite countertops are a very popular selection for outdoor kitchens and living areas. We see them installed inside the home on a regular basis, but outdoor installations have become increasingly more popular.

So how do you ensure that your countertops stay in good condition until spring?

The answer is quite simple: seal your granite countertops more frequently. (Especially if your countertops are exposed – i.e. not under an over-hang.)

PRO-TIP: Failing to seal a granite countertop that is outside puts the material at a much higher risk of liquid and debris stains. But perhaps the more serious risk: the cracking or chipping of your countertops due to freezing moisture atop the stone.



This section will really only apply to outdoor kitchens, rather than outdoor living areas as a whole, but as a general statement we recommend that you not only avoid using the sink during the winter season, but even remove the faucets and store them.

You may be wondering why this is necessary, and similarly to granite countertops, the freezing moisture will put your sink at risk of storing unwanted debris and damages caused by frost.

That’s why it’s recommended that you make sure supply lines are completely drained and even cover your sinks to prevent those debris from setting in. This leads us to our next section…


Appliances and Technology

It’s no surprise that some homeowners like to put appliances or technological entertainment in their outdoor kitchen or living areas. Fridges, televisions and other equipment that have wiring and require electrical input are very susceptible to extreme cold and freezing moisture.

To be sure that your appliances and tech aren’t destroyed or damaged, here are some tips:

  • Shut off water that goes to your outdoor living areas
  • Drain all water lines
  • Shut off power to electrically powered units
  • Thoroughly clean cabinets, appliances etc


By keeping these tips in mind during the winter season, you should have no issues with damages for your outdoor kitchen.

We hope you found this article helpful, but if you’d like to ask any questions or add some advice of your own – please comment below!