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Did you know that 90% of homes that have fences utilize wood for their design?

And there’s a reason for this choice!

With man-made products potentially breaking the bank and other designs not providing the full functionality of wooden fence, it’s no question why homeowners will always turn to wooden fence suppliers for their next fence project.

In this week’s article, we’ll further dive into this matter and give you 3 reasons why homeowners will consistently choose wooden fence suppliers for their fence projects.


1 . Wooden Fence Suppliers Have the Best Cost-Efficiency

In the realm of home remodeling projects, generally speaking, homeowners will tend to choose the most affordable option. Depending on budgets for each homeowner, the most affordable option can vary.

While budgets can vary, what remains the same is this: wooden fence materials are always the most affordable option.

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And if you resonate with most homeowners in the realm of choosing sustainable materials, then finding a wooden fence supplier who partakes in sustainable harvesting is also something to keep in mind. At Rocky Mountain Forest Products we are able to get you these sustainable materials without increasing cost.

So you’ll know your purchasing materials with integrity while still saving money!


2. Wooden Fences Are Incredibly Durable

Another reason why homeowners are always seeking out wooden fence suppliers for their fence projects, is that wooden fences are incredibly durable.

Species like Cedar are not only affordable on any budget, but they’re also naturally resistant things like rot, moisture, decay and even insects. That means natural wood is perfectly suitable for Colorado’s climate, making it an optimal choice for homeowners in this area.

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Plus, in regards to composite or vinyl fence materials, wooden fences are much easier to repair. If one picket is in need of repair, then you’ll have to remove an entire section of fence. This will cost you more time and money compared to wooden fences, whereas if a wooden fence picket needs to be repaired you can easily remove that picket without derailing the rest of your fence.


3. Find Wooden Fence Suppliers that are Wholesale and Mill Direct

Wooden fence suppliers, but more specifically mill direct and wholesalers like Rocky Mountain Forest Products, will have the best pricing for those very affordable materials. So no matter what your budget may be, wooden fence suppliers like us will be able to get you the materials you need without draining your wallet.

So if you’re looking to save money, like most homeowners, then finding a mill direct wholesaler will only benefit your project.

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