Does a fence increase the value of a home?   Does a fence increase the value of a home?

Does a fence increase the value of a home?

Does a fence increase the value of a home?   Does a fence increase the value of a home?

The market value of a house depends on a variety of different factors. Deciding which home improvement projects to do and which ones to skip often boils down to determining what will give you the biggest return on your investment. While bathroom and kitchen remodels usually offer the best ROI, where do fences fall? Read on to find out what builders and real estate experts believe.
Does a fence increase the value of a home?

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Will help sell your home

A fence is a marketable feature that will help sell your home faster, but it will not necessarily increase the home’s value. In other words, a buyer, most likely, will not pay more for the house simply because it has a fence, but the buyer may choose to buy the house for many reasons including having the fence.

There are many homes that do not have a fence just as there are many buyers that may prefer not to have a fence. Since a fence is a preferential amenity, the home’s appraised value is not adjusted based on having one or not having one.

Some fences can improve curb appeal

A fence doesn’t typically increase a home’s value. There are some situations where a fence does increase value, but in the majority of cases, it doesn’t.

If you want a fence because of children or pets, that’s a good reason to have one installed. If you’re looking to sell your home and considering home improvement projects to help it sell, you can usually cross “build a fence” off your list.

There are some situations where a fence will add value. These include when your property backs up to something noisy or ugly, like a highway, railroad, or water treatment center. In circumstances like these, a fence can block the noise and unfavorable view.

Also, some fences can improve curb appeal and may make the difference between your house selling and sitting on the market. In this case, the fence might not add value to your appraisal, but selling faster holds considerable value in itself.

Does a fence increase the value of a home?

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Does a fence increase the value of a home?

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A fence always improves the value of the property.

When looking at putting a fence on a property, there are three types of fencing we look at. The three types of fencing are chain link, wood, and PVC fences. Chain link fences add security, but they are the cheapest to install and don’t add privacy. Wood fencing is more expensive but adds much more value than chain link, mainly due to the fact that you have better security and complete privacy after installation. PVC fences are going to be the most expensive to install. PVC has the same functionality as a wood fence, but if maintained properly, it will last longer and look better than a wood fence.

It can, but it’s not a guarantee

Adding a fence is no small project to try and take on. So, it’s important to know if it’ll increase your home’s value. The short answer is that it can, but it’s not a guarantee. The main two factors people look for in a fence are security and privacy, so this can help boost your home’s value if your chosen fence adds these elements to your yard. If you live in a suburb with a lot of families and little kids or pets, a good fence is a great way to keep them safe. A fence could increase the home value, especially if the fence is in good repair.

As long as you maintain your fence, it can add value to your home. This means you should routinely look for and correct any damage and make a point to wash it once or twice a year. It can potentially help your home sell faster too. The appraiser will look at the fence and see how it lines up with what buyers in the area want to get a total value.

Does a fence increase the value of a home?

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Does a fence increase the value of a home?

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A good return on investment

Attractive fences, especially ones made from vinyl, aluminum, or wrought iron, can increase home value and fetch a good return on investment. However, it’s important to also think of the security benefits of installing a fence. The right type of fence can deter thieves and vandals. This ultimately can save you money in lost items and repairs. In the long run, you save money on your home insurance rates because of fewer claims filed.

To get the home-value and security benefits of a fence, look for ones that are see-through. Avoid solid-built fences as they give thieves a place to hide as they break into your home. If you want a solid fence in your backyard for privacy, consider covering it with thorny plants like climbing roses to make it harder for intruders to scale.

Well-designed fence does

When buying a house, the first thing you see is its curb appeal. The way it handsomely stands out from the neighbors. For obvious reasons, fences are the first thing you see. So, that’s why it’s a smart investment for any designer, builder, and homeowner to spend the extra effort to design and install a fence.

Living in a neighborhood is about creating a good-looking neighborhood for everyone. People driving by can’t see inside your house, but they see the yard and the fence, and like to or not, they may judge the occupants by the look their yard is or the house’s curb appeal.

I have [seen many] houses that look outdated and not taken care of, but after installing a new and creative fence with fresh paint, it takes away your eye from the look of the house and increases the value of the property!

Some people add hedges on their lot to create the green fence, but they never get the same result and impact as a well-designed fence does.

Even in Fengshui, the belief is that a combination of a well-designed fence with landscaping can lead fortune to the house and create prosperity.

In North America, we are lucky to live in a society where we can build fences around our lots. In many countries around the world, the option of a fence is limited to secure walls to keep intruders away. A beautiful fence not only creates a beautiful lot, but it has an impact on the neighbors and society as a whole.

Does a fence increase the value of a home?

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Does a fence increase the value of a home?

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First impressions are important!

The front of your home is the first thing people see; and if you’re selling, a home’s curbside appeal is what draws prospective buyers in. In fact, it’s estimated that the outside of your home can account for up to 7% of the home’s sale price.

If your yard has a fence, I recommend cleaning it at least every five years to remove naturally occurring elements like dirt, moss, mildew, or any other type of buildup – a power wash usually works best. Then you can repaint or reseal it after washing. Similar to fences, if you have a deck, a good power wash and reseal makes a big difference and will also help you catch any wood rot before it becomes a larger issue.

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