We are all stuck at home during quarantine and we are slowly running out of things to do. Here is a list of 50 things you can take on and keep yourself busy. Here at Rocky Mountain Forest Products, we have a large stock of materials that can help you in a DIY project, furniture building, redecorating, and renovating your home! We can walk you through the renovation process and even help give you some ideas! Otherwise, check out this list and see what you can do to pass the time! 

  1.     Write a Blog 
  2.     Read Your Favorite Book 
  3.     Start a small business 
  4.     Complete a DIY project – you could build a new table, some floating shelves, or that cute new sign you saw on Pinterest. There are a lot of different ideas that you can take on as your own design and customize to be your own unique design.
  5.     Study something you’re interested in 
  6.     Pick up an old instrument you used to play 
  7.     Learn how to sew 
  8.     Learn how to paint or draw 
  9.     Learn calligraphy 
  10. Create an exercise plan and make it a goal to stick to it 
  11. Create some goals you have been wanting to accomplish and take them on! 
  12. Have a movie marathon 
  13. Watch your favorite TV Show 
  14. Organize your home 
  15. Redecorate – you can redecorate your home by creating new pieces of décor and building them yourself. This will help pass the time and give your home a new look and feel. 
  16. Start a journal
  17. Learn meditation 
  18. Practice self-care – face masks, pedicures, manicures, hair masks, bubble baths, etc. 
  19. Play board games with your family
  20. Take on cooking and baking 
  21. Start a YouTube channel and start a series. 
  22. Learn how to crochet 
  23. Learn a new language 
  24. Write an article 
  25. Go on a hike
  26. Spend time outside with your kids or pets
  27. Renovate your home 
  28. Redo your landscaping 
  29. Install a new deck or fence – Here at RMFP, we have a large variety of decking and fencing product’s that you can customize and add on to your home. We have composite decking, redwood, cedar, exotic hardwoods, and several different kinds of fencing that can be perfect for your home! Come talk to one of our salesmen and we can help you design the perfect deck or fence! 
  30. Do a workout challenge 
  31. Go back to school! 
  32. Take a skillshare class 
  33. Go through your clothing and donate. 
  34. Do something nice for service workers like food, law enforcement, healthcare and so on
  35. Build a blanket fort with your kids 
  36. Have a scavenger hunt 
  37. Work on your financial planning 
  38. Watch movies that are early released from movie theaters 
  39. Write a play and have your kids and family play the parts 
  40. Make a list of things you want to do after quarantine 
  41. Rearrange your furniture to make your home feel like somewhere new 
  42. Teach your dog tricks 
  43. Watch the Star War movies in the correct order 
  44. Learn Yoga 
  45. Take a nap – you deserve it! 
  46. Work Work Work 
  47. Add a reclaimed wood accent wall to your home 
  48. Learn how to garden 
  49. Plant fruits and veggies 
  50. Learn how to play a sport 

The most important thing to remember during this time is to take care of yourself and stay as free of stress and anxiety as you can. Take this list into consideration and add to it as you come up with things to do during the time you’re stuck indoors. Check out other people’s ideas for what to do during quarantine, a lot of brands have released articles and blog entries full of unique and fun ideas. We hope you and your family are staying safe, happy, and healthy during this time.