Installing A Barn Door   Installing A Barn Door

Installing A Barn Door

Installing A Barn Door   Installing A Barn Door

Installing a barn door can be a very complicated and tedious because of the different sizes and styles of barn doors. Installing a barn door needs to be done correctly because if not installed correctly you can notice defects with the door such as not sliding correctly or not fitting correctly on the opening. Before we dive into how to properly install your barn door, let’s talk about the characteristics of having a barn door accent in your home. Adding a barn door in place of a traditional door to a home bathroom, bedroom, or living room is becoming more and more popular among designers as the trend of a modern rustic style becomes more sought after by designers and homeowners. Barn doors are perfect for smaller homes with tight spaces, as well as traditional family homes for a touch of uniqueness. No matter where you are installing a barn door in your home, you want to make sure you use the proper materials and have it installed correctly.

Step One of Installing a Barn Door

The first step is measuring the openings for where you are installing the barn door. Typically, barn doors overlap slightly with the opening it is covering, so you don’t want the barn door to be too small for the opening. Usually a six-inch clearing is what is normal for an average sized barn door and a traditional door opening. Before any steps are taken for installing a barn door, you need to make sure there is enough clearance above the opening and there is enough support to hold the barn door. These doors are very heavy and require a lot of support, so it is vital that you install the door on a support beam that can hold the weight. Also, do a once over on the space surrounding the opening and make sure there are no outlets or light switches that could cause issues with the door sliding smoothly.

Ordering the barn door and installing materials is the next step. The track for the barn door is usually made specifically for the opening measurements, so make sure your measurements are correct and double check them before ordering. Double check the height of the opening to avoid the door from being too tall.

How to Measure for Your Barn Door?

  1. Use a tape measure and begin with the top of the opening and measure from left to right. Once you measure the top, follow this by measuring the height of the opening on both sides, as well as the bottom. The most important measurement is the height of the door, as this can cause the door to be too short or too tall.
  2. Once you have your general measurements, you need to take the top measurement and double it to find out how long of a track you need.
  3. Take into account with your measurements that the door will need to be above the floor by ½-1 inch, so make sure there is enough clearance between the door opening and the floor so it can smoothly slide across the tracks.

Once you have the proper measurements and you get your hands on your new barn door, you can now install the door yourself or if you aren’t comfortable installing it yourself you can hire a professional to install the door safely and properly. Now that your door is installed, you can enjoy your new rustic and modern accent in your home! Be careful when opening and closing the door to make sure it doesn’t pop off the track and damage the door. Occasionally if you feel the track starting to catch, you can use some lubricating oil to help the door slide smoothly.

Your barn door will not only save you some space in your home, but it will make your home look straight out of a design magazine. There are many ways you can implement this style in your home, with not just only the door but entertainment center, window coverings, or even as room dividers with the proper support. Add a rustic touch to your home with a barn door accent!