Once your split rail fence is designed, installed, and officially complete you can now get in to the fun stuff! Decorating Your Yard will enhance the overall design and style of your backyard space. It’s time for the fun part! You are adding flowers, seating areas, birdhouses, pavers, and much more. Adding decorations to your backyard can make your space feel more inviting and cozy.

Decorating Your Yard with Flowers and Landscaping

The first thing that comes to mind when you think about decorating an outdoor space is landscaping. Trees, mulch, rocks, and flowers are the perfect way to liven up your backyard. Plant flowers that run alongside your split rail fence to not only give you some extra privacy but to help make your fence stand out. You can also plant trees or vines that stand aside from the posts the hold the rails together, creating the illusion that your fence is all plants. Once the vines grow and continue to do so, they will eventually drape along the side and stretch the whole distance of the fence in time. Using mulch and rock underneath your split rail fence will help keep animals in and unwanted animals out by creating a barrier with less room to get in through, plus it leaves a beautiful aesthetic.

Add a Garden

When you first install your split rail fence and are designing it, you can implement a portion of it that is boxed in, where you can use as a gardening space. You can use this space to plant and grow flowers, fruits, vegetables, and herbs. Of course, to keep animals out, you can put weld wire across the portion of your split rail fence that is your garden, if you choose not to have it along the whole fence. You can even use your leftover rails and posts from your fencing job as planter boxes or dividers in the garden to help keep the crops separated. With a little bit of acrylic paint or paint markers, you can create some designs and add color to your yard as well as a label where you planted what fruits and veggies, so they are easier to find!

Birdhouses are a Great Way of Decorating Your Yard

A unique way to add some wildlife in your backyard without putting your little ones or pups in danger, is to build a birdhouse that can sit alongside your split rail fence on the posts. This is an excellent opportunity to make a craft day for your kiddos and teach them a little bit about wildlife. There are plenty of different designs of birdhouses with some that have feeders on the sides, places for a small birdbath, and of course a space for the mama bird to lay her eggs and raise her chicks. Being able to watch the little birds in their daily life and having some extra decoration on your fence is the best of both worlds!

Mailboxes and Name Plates

Some homeowners also choose to outline the front of their property with a split rail fence in the front of their house, which gives the ability to use the posts for your mailbox and nameplates. Most homes have their mailboxes in which you can put yours on a post within your split rail fence, rather than having to add posts in the front of your home, adding more clutter. The fun thing about mailboxes when you own a home is that you can decorate it and give your home a touch of your personality. Something that isn’t for everyone but some people add to the front of their home is a nameplate with their last name listed and the year in which the name was established. These are both small ways you can utilize your split rail fence in a different way.

Address Numbers

When it comes to the placement of the address numbers, you have to put them in a place that is easy for people to see and identify. Your split rail fence usually runs right up to the end of your property line, which is the perfect place for your address numbers. They typically are on the front of the home close to the front door, but if you can place them closer to the street and more natural to identify, it would benefit you and your guests!

These are just a few of the ways you can spice up your split rail fence once it is installed, but your imagination is the only limit!