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Your kitchen is practically the centerpiece of your home. It sets the overall mood and design of your house. It is also where most of your entertaining happens and hours are spent. There are always new trends being implemented and evolving as the design industry continues to grow and influencers make their mark. Here at Rocky Mountain Forest Products we compiled a list of the 2019 kitchen trends that have marked their place in the design world.

The 2019 Kitchen Trends We are Noticing

Dark on Dark

The all dark countertop and cabinets look is extremely popular this year. Dark countertops have been popular since the early 2000s and have been paired with lighter colored cabinetry, and now the new trend is everything dark. The floors, cabinets, appliances, and flooring are all seeing a darker trend. This gives any kitchen a very industrial city look, while being modern and chic. The most commonly seen combination is dark black countertops with a lighter grey or blue-toned cabinet. This color combo has been proven to pair well together.


Now storage is a staple in every kitchen, but how you do it is what makes it trendy. People are ditching the traditional pantry look and going for a full wall industrial storage solution. Ikea has brought on this trend with their kitchen designs. Most of their layouts don’t involve a pantry, but instead floor to ceiling cabinets to act as storage space. The other storage solution design is reclaimed timber shelving for dishes, cups, and even certain food items. The out in the open look is very popular as of the last couple of years.


Your appliances are one of the few things people notice as soon as they walk into your kitchen. The traditional stainless-steel ones are still popular, and they still look perfect in any kitchen. The new idea within the trends this year is drama and statement pieces. Whether its fashion, your car, your home, or your kitchen- making a statement is key. Due to this trend, more and more homeowners and designers are looking for appliances that make a statement and stand out from the others. The two big ones are microwaves and fridges. Nowadays some fridges have a touch screen computer built-in and ones you can control from your phone. The same with microwaves and even ovens can be controlled by an app and look very technologically savvy. Of course, other appliances such as your sink and stove top cover are expected to be gold and silver metal, have a hammered look, reclaimed accents, and be huge with pot hooks. The thing to remember is “make a statement”.

Linear Lights

Usually, when you walk into a kitchen there will be can lights overhead with pendant lighting over the island or bar. Well, the new trend in lighting is linear light fixtures. We feel as though using these light fixtures makes your kitchen and counter space look longer and bigger. They also add a modern aesthetic, while still being functional.

Handle Cutouts

A popular look for a kitchen is simplistic and modern. An easy way to achieve a simple and clean look is by cutting out the handles on your cabinet drawers to give your kitchen a seamless look. Most people would just say leave the handles off completely and make a ridge that is prominent enough to grab and pull open. Although this look while still being seamless, provides more functionality to your kitchen.

Everything Stone

Granite, marble, and quartz are very popular amongst designers and architects right now. The traditional marble look is very sought out for and loved by just about everyone because of its classy look. Stone doesn’t just have to be for the countertops. You can use stone as the backsplash, down the side of your cabinets otherwise known as waterfall counters, and even as shelving in place of wood. Since stone is so durable and sustainable, the options are endless.

These are just a few of the 2019 Kitchen Trends that have been implemented this year by designers and home influencers. Some will stick and some will fade in popularity, but without a doubt the trends with continued to be developed and used in homes everywhere. Make sure to check out our blog page periodically to see any new design trends.