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With the New Year just around the corner, designers are speculating on the popular design trends for 2019. One of the most common projects are kitchen remodels, and the predictions are out!

Kitchen Remodel Trend #1: Kitchens Will Be Smart

There are always new gadgets and technological advances in all areas of the home, but kitchen remodels are getting a lot of attention. Here are some useful kitchen trends that are ahead for 2019:

  • Projection apps that will directly project recipes directly onto your counter for easy hands-free reading
  • IPad and phone cradles that can be installed underneath your cabinet to keep them off counters and cook tops, but still at arms- length
  • Faucets that have instant hot and instant cold water
  • Refrigerators that monitor its own contents to help you remember when to purchase regularly used items

Kitchen Remodel Trend #2: An Abundance of Lighting

Illuminating everything is the call to action for the upcoming year. This means more lighting above and below cabinets, illuminated floating shelves for dish storage, and automatic lighting inside cabinets and drawers.

Kitchen Remodel Trend #3: Don’t Forget The Ceiling

Designers are now calling the ceiling your “fifth wall”. It is time to move beyond can lights and add texture, color, and different lighting to the ceiling.

Designers also suggest adding accent beams with unique products like metal, steel, and other materials. When it comes to painting, usually people will paint the walls and leave the ceiling white or off-white. Homeowners in 2019 are going to do just the opposite by painting their ceilings with bold colors and leaving the walls a more muted color.

Home builders and designers are also proposing that homeowners panel the ceilings of their kitchens, with different ideas other than wood. For example, corrugated steel and other industrial metals. Coffered ceilings have always been a popular addition to any large ceiling. Design trends are taking this to the next level by creating coffered ceilings with varying levels and textures.

Kitchen Remodel Trend #4: Double Up On The Island

Everyone loves a kitchen island and 2019 is calling for even bigger ones. Double the seating (6-8 people), double the storage with pullout drawers and shelves, and supplemental eating and cooking spaces with pocket countertops. The goal is to make today’s islands a functioning kitchen all in and of itself.

Kitchen Remodel Trend #5: Get Rid Of Upper Wall Cabinets

Designers are taking American kitchens in a European direction. It is all about clean and clutter free. One way to accomplish this is to eliminate the upper row of cabinets completely. This will not only open up kitchen spaces, but make it feel more like living space. Under cabinet storage will be geared toward space saving by using all empty space that is often left in a traditional cabinet. Other free -standing cabinets that are furniture like will take the place of the upper cabinet as a solution to needed storage. 

Kitchen Remodel Trend #6: Tone It Down

In the past, dark warm rich colors were popular for decorating all over the home. This year kitchens are going from dark to light with white/cream -based granites, lighter cabinetry in natural wood or white, and muted floors. The new bright clutter free kitchens are still meant to be warm and inviting, but will promote a lighter feel and a happier space.

These are just of a few of the things to come for the modern kitchen remodels. Keep looking for more ideas to make your home one of a kind!