Colorado Springs Fences | Wilson Fencing   Colorado Springs Fences | Wilson Fencing

Colorado Springs Fences | Wilson Fencing

Colorado Springs Fences | Wilson Fencing   Colorado Springs Fences | Wilson Fencing

We recently had the opportunity to chat with one of our top contractors, Wilson Fencing (WF) out of Colorado Springs. Owned by Eli Wilson, Wilson Fencing has been providing Colorado Springs fences since he got out of the Air Force in 2017. Keep reading to learn about about Wilson Fencing and discover how to contact them for a quote on your next fence project!

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RMFP: Thanks for taking the time to talk to us today, Eli! Can you tell us a little about how Wilson Fencing started and your background?

WF: Well before I joined the Air Force, I worked as a diesel mechanic. In the Air Force, I worked in security forces for 6 years. When I got out in 2017, I knew that I could make a living building fences. So, I went online and got a trade name- and the rest is history. I am pretty handy and have a lot of experience with home improvement stuff.

RMFP: That’s great- can you tell us a little more about the services that you offer?

WF: Currently, I offer fencing and landscape work. I offer wood fencing, vinyl fencing and chain link fencing. I also do small projects putting in rock and planting trees. Starting January 2019, I will be operating under a new business name- Wilson Construction and Fencing, LLC. I will be offering just about any exterior project that my customers need. This is a proud advancement to my goal of becoming an all around construction company!

RMFP: That’s awesome, congrats! Do you have any employees?

WF: Not, it’s just me and I do all of the work. You can be assured that when you’re working with me there’s no miscommunication from the beginning of the project to the end. I will occasionally work with some subcontractors, under my direction.

Colorado Springs Fences | Wilson Fencing

RMFP: Nice, and what areas do you service?

WF: I service all of Colorado Springs- from Manitou Springs to Callahan & Monument to Fountain.

RMFP: Are you a Colorado Springs native?

WF: No I actually grew up in Strasburg, Colorado.

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RMFP: What do you like about working in this industry? 

WF: I like being my own boss. I also love being outside and every project is different.

RMFP: What would you say makes your business unique?

WF: I am truly committed to 100% customer satisfaction. I recently completed 250ft of fence that my customer wasn’t completely happy with in a certain area. I went back and fixed it to make sure it was right.

RMFP: That’s so important. What is your average turnaround time on a project?

WF: I can usually complete 100ft of fence in two days.

Colorado Springs Fences | Wilson Fencing

RMFP: Nice, that’s impressive! What do you like to do in your free time?

WF: I love being outdoors. You can find me boating and camping at the lake. I’m also building a pole barn out in Callhan currently.

RMFP: What is your goal for your business in the upcoming years?

WF: My goal is to continue to grow, be pretty consistent with jobs and be more well-known. I was to get my E-License to get into more decks, pergolas and eventually grow into full service construction company.

If you’re looking for a reputable Colorado Springs fence company, get in touch with Wilson Fencing. People usually find them by word of mouth, social media or Home Advisor. Give them a call at  (719) 800-3066, email them at [email protected] and follow them on Facebook to see pictures of completed projects!