There are a lot of companies these days that are offering eco-friendly products to their customers. RMFP’s Deck Superstore is no different. Serving the Denver metro-area the Deck Superstore knows that keeping Colorado green is important. That is why they are proud to offer Trex decking.

When it comes to a deck, not only is it a place for you to relax and enjoy, our Deck Superstore also says that it will add value to your home. Using eco-friendly Trex is a budget friendly way to go.

Green Decking

All composite decking has an eco-friendly component to it according to this Wheat Ridge Deck Superstore. But Trex is 95% recyclable putting it at the top of the list.

RMFP’s Deck Superstore says that if customers use Trex they are not only reducing landfill waste they are saving trees.

Lighting Can Be Green Too!

Our Deck Superstore feels that lighting is one of the most important parts of our home. This is also true for the outside lighting of your home. We want consumers to remember that there environmentally friendly lighting options for your deck.

Our Deck Superstore suggests solar lighting and LED lighting to conserve energy. You can use these for built in lighting or for overhead lighting.

Energy Saving Landscape

As a Denver Deck Superstore, we strongly believe that trees and plants can have an effect on home energy. Not only do they clean out pollution from the air they can provide natural shade.

Domino Effect

Like with most projects around the house once you finish one you want to start another. Our Deck Superstore wants you to keep the eco-friendly theme going! For instance, if you decide to change the exterior of your home after you install your deck, we want you to consider using eco-friendly paint. Not only is this healthy for you and your family it will reduce toxic emission into the air.