Homeowners often think that the term exotic hardwood decking means that it’s going to cost you an arm and a leg- but that is not actually true! Many composite decking lines are made to mimic exotic hardwoods, and often come at a higher price tag. In fact, because of all of the benefits that come with using exotic hardwood decking, you’d actually save hundreds, if not thousands. While it’s not just the savings over time or the longer lasting materials that typically draws homeowners to the exotic hardwood section, it really should be know as some of the many benefits. Many of us have experienced the beauty of Ipe, Fijian Mahogany and Tigerwood– but do you know much more about the benefits of exotic hardwood decking other than their beauty?

Exotic Hardwood Decking

Simple Maintenance of Exotic Hardwood Decking

When we say that exotic hardwoods need less maintenance, we mean it. In most cases, you’ll only need to reseal it every other year as opposed to every year. Staining will only need to be done when you notice considerable fading, which will happen at a slower rate than with other decking materials. In most cases, the only maintenance needed is a spray down with the hose, or a quick sweep to get off all the wet leaves in fall.

A Natural Resistance

Another reason why an exotic hardwood decking is an excellent choice for decks in Denver is that it has a natural resistance to all the things cause a deck to decay and need replacing. Other materials will need protective finishes to avoid harmful damages like moisture, but the resins within exotic hardwoods allow the material to resist moisture, rot and insects without those extra finishes. They also tend to have a little more protection against the damages from the sun, because of those natural oils within.

Durability of Exotic Hardwood Decking

Exotic hardwood decking is an extremely durable building material because of its density, resistance to rot and decay, and flexibility. Hardwoods produce more oil than softwoods like cedar, which means they are more resistant to water, rot, insects, etc. They are also far less likely to split and crack, and can withstand the suffocating dry air and rapidly changing conditions that we see here in Colorado. Because these woods are far denser, they will last longer. A cedar deck might last 20 years, but an exotic hardwood deck will last 25-30 years. It is also due to these facts, that exotic hardwood decking requires less maintenance, which means less time staining and sealing, and more time enjoying your deck.

Best Value

Exotic hardwood decking also provides the best value for those cost conscious consumers. A material like Tigerwood is less expensive than composites, yet more expensive than softwoods – but will out live both with ease. Not only is it considered a more beautiful decking material than most others, it will last longer, and will stay looking great throughout its lifetime. Most decking materials will start to splinter or crack or fade but exotic hardwoods with give you all the beauty of a hardwood deck without much hassle.

exotic hardwood decking

Exotic Hardwood Decking

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