If you’re thinking about putting your house on the market, then you’re smart to be thinking about curb appeal. Sure, building with high quality fence materials in Denver will add front yard or curb appeal to your property, but sometimes it just isn’t enough. We want to give you 8 ways to really take your curb appeal game to the next level!

Fence Materials in Denver

New or updated fence

A brand new or updated fence with fence materials in Denver in your front yard will immediately add value and curb appeal to your home. Consider a split rail fence that adds a sense of style to your garden or update your privacy fence with a working gate to ensure safety for future homeowners.

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Keep your yard clean of tools and toys

Nobody wants to see clutter! A messy yard can make passerby’s think that the homeowner is lazy or just a messy person. But you aren’t one of those homeowners! Increase your yard’s appeal by keeping your entire yard clean and fresh from unnecessary clutter.

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Keep your decorations fresh and clean

If you are a fan of vibrant colors, look into plants and flowers that align with the walkways. If you are more interested in an elegant, tranquil look then adding stones or other simple, clean floral borders would work well, too. There are plenty of options to go with and you’re only limited by your imagination.

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Vertical or hanging greenery

In a recent study, scientists found that any time spent in nature will help lower stress levels as well as the chances of developing depression. Although we are blessed in Colorado to have almost immediate access to Mother Nature, not everyone has the time to break out of Denver and get up to the mountains every weekend. That’s why adding plants and greenery to your property can be a huge benefit. If you’re tight on space, think about using a hanging system! They’re easy, cheap to build and will help bring a sense of calm to your home.

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Consistent décor themes

If you’re goal is to really increase curb appeal, then keep a single theme in mind when decorating and building. Imagine a rustic fence split rail fence, but the pathways leading to your home are more suiting to a modern or contemporary theme. That’s like wearing a flannel shirt and striped pants. It clashes. Avoid this blunder by making sure your theme stays consistent throughout. We have plenty of fence materials in Denver to match any style you are trying to go after.

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Three lighting zones

There are 3 areas that require ample lighting: gates and pathways, parking/driveway, front door/entrances. If you want to increase the appeal of your property, be sure that those areas are well lit. Not just because they are areas that see traffic at any time of the day, but those areas contain the most factors that go into judging appeal.

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Pristine walkways and paths

One of the first things a guest will notice is the pathway to your front door. Take some time and analyze your walkway and front entrance. Is it well lit? Is there anything that can obstruct the pathway? What about decorations? With these questions in mind, add décor where you see fit – but don’t add too much! Too many decorations can often lead to a cluttered, chaotic mess that will actually decrease appeal rather than increase it.

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Add furniture when necessary, but don’t overdo it

Having a nice, clean area with ample seating for your guests can also add some appeal. Keep in mind that there is such a thing as too much, so don’t go crazy with your potential furniture. From porch swings to lawn chairs, you can choose whatever you want while adhering to your original theme or style!

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Décor style inspirations from different countries and exotic regions

Like traveling the world? Well take a little bit of Japan or Italy, or any other one of your favorite locations back to your home by adapting a style that is similar to that of those regions. For example, Koi ponds are a great addition for gardens! While they take some time and resources to get built and be maintained, they provide an amazingly peaceful vibe to any project. They’re like your own little oasis of tranquility!

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Hopefully these ideas have been helpful as you prepare to list your home in this crazy Denver real estate market. We would love to help supply your fence materials in Denvergive us a call!