With Ledgestone, You Don’t Have To Take On A Major Renovation To Transform Your Home.

Ledgestone is perfect for the DIY’er who wants a project, but doesn’t want to start tearing down walls. But it’s also for the homeowner who wants to make a change to an existing part of their home, without spending much time or money. This is because ledgestone is easy to install, affordable, and has a major impact on any surface. It’s a lot like changing the paint color and lighting in a room. They’re small changes, but it transforms the entire space.

Not everyone knows what ledgestone is though, so here’s a bit of background knowledge. It is also called wall cladding, stack stone veneer, or simply stone veneer. It is made of thing pieces of natural stone, placed onto a mesh-like backing to form foot long panels. Each panel is placed and adhered to the wall in a way similar to tile. The most common places to use ledgestone are around a fireplace, in the shower, as a kitchen backsplash, and as an accent wall. Believe it or not, another common use is as a wainscoting on the exterior of your home.

If you do use ledgestone on the exterior, it will help to insulate your house, and act as a barrier against wind and rain that could damage your foundation. Below are just a few ideas to give you inspiration for your next project.



This backsplash blends in seamlessly with the style of the kitchen. The brass vent over the stove compliments the richer tones in both the backsplash and the granite countertops. The color of the cabinets play into the soft and chic vibe that the kitchen is pulling off. The ledgestone pulls the entire design together. It would be hard to imagine the space without it.



Shower Tile

You can turn your shower into a luxurious spa. Use the different colors to fit your style. Like the multi-jack color in the picture below. It gives the appearance of being in a cave or mountain spa. Being inside a space like this not only looks different, it feels different, and also sounds different. Because of the stone, the sound of water takes on a tranquil effect, like a waterfall hitting the rocks below.







There’s something automatically rustic and cozy about a fireplace. This might be why ledgestone is so commonly used for fireplaces. It continues that natural warmth and rustic quality that we love about a good fire in the first place.



Whether you choose to resurface your fireplace, add some curb appeal to the exterior of your home, or create a spa in your bathroom, you’re sure to love the high impact of ledgestone. You can also read our other ledgestone article: Why You Should Add Stone Veneer To Your Home Exterior.