Your Front Door Color Says A Lot More About You Than You Think.

Believe it or not, there is a lot of science that goes into choosing a front door color.Different colors make us feel different moods, cause us to be attracted or disgusted, and highlight our personality.The color that you choose for your front door is, in particular, a strong representation of you. It’s a message to the world.

Choose Your Front Door Color:


If you choose a blue hue for your front door color, you are generally putting out a calming message. Darker hues can be interpreted as more regal and elegant, while lighter can be understood as an easygoing personality. No doubt though, blue, in line with the calming and chilling color of the ocean, is a very passive and beautiful front door color.

front door color


Pink send the message that you are different, perhaps even whimsical, with a quirky or fun personality. If you choose a softer hue like the pastel pink below, you are expressing a much more calmer and softer personality. It shows a vibrancy and positive energy.

front door color


Choosing purple as your front door color shows that you are comfortable with taking risks and dreaming big, you more than likely have a “free-spirit”. This is especially so if you choose less traditional hues of purple like the color below. If you choose a darker purple it can represent elegance, wealth, royalty, and even grace. This is because throughout much of history, the color purple could only ever be afforded by the royals.

front door color


A yellow front door signifies that you are vibrant, sunny, positive, a leader, and have a lot of energy. People often aren’t brave enough to choose yellow, because it is such a particularly vibrant color. As you can see though, it can be done very beautifully. If you live in a place that gets a lot of rain, this might be a great way to share some light.

front door color


A black front door signifies that you are timeless, and don’t change with trends. You are consistent, conservative, and possibly reserved. It is also an exceptionally modern color. Black tends to match just about anything, and therefore can be used in a lot of different house styles.

front door color

Of course there are a lot of other colors to choose from, but these are just a few vibrant choices that might inspire you. If you’re considering changing your front door color, first think about who you are. Then think about the message that you want to send to your neighborhood, and the world.