Wood Siding Has Many Different Looks   Wood Siding Has Many Different Looks

Wood siding doesn’t just appear on traditional homes, in fact, it has many looks.

It is becoming increasingly common to use siding on more modern looking homes, as well as choosing to mix and match wood siding with other types of material like ledgestone, cement, brick, etc.Whether you want a farmhouse style, alpine lodge, or modern, you’ll find that wood siding really is more adaptable than is made to believe.

If you’re looking for a few ideas for wood siding, or just want to see some of the many ways that wood siding can be used, take a look at these:

Lodge Style

If you notice, this home has a sort of winter or lodge style feel to it. It utilizes stone wainscoting with a layer of ship lap. This is a style that can be seen with many homes here in the Denver area as it so pleasantly fits the mountain lifestyle.

Wood Siding Has Many Different Looks

The Farmhouse

We’ve been noticing that the farmhouse style is increasing in popularity lately. Probably because it carries a quintessential look with white ship lap, white brick, and integration of wood and black trim. It’s so charming.

Wood Siding Has Many Different Looks

The Charred Look

There is a surprising movement towards charring or painting siding and shingles black. In some ways it updates the house and gives a more modern look to a potentially more dated home otherwise, but it is also more unique, as many others wouldn’t dare choose such a color. While it really depends on the home in how this will look, I think we can all agree that it works beautifully for the home below. (be advised, if you live in warmer places this color isn’t for you, as it absorbs heat. Perfect for norther states. )

Wood Siding Has Many Different Looks

The Modern Home

When you think wood siding, most people wouldn’t think modern. Well, believe it or not, it is very popular to integrate wood siding on a modern home. But it will most likely be in combination with other siding options like the home below.

Wood Siding Has Many Different Looks

The photos above are in no way the end of the possibilities. Designers are finding more and more ways to use wood siding in new and exciting ways outside of the scope of the traditional house. Whatever they come up with, we are looking forward to seeing more.

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