We are half way through December, and I’m willing to bet that there are still half of you procrastinating on decorating your home’s exterior for the holiday.

But I’m here to let you know that you don’t have to compete with that neighbor who puts fifty miles worth of lights across their roof, blow up Santa caricatures, and the live reindeer they rented (ok, maybe that doesn’t happen, that often…). Most people love this holiday season, others, well…

There are always those homes that are full blown mega-christmas cheer… and while sometimes it can be tasteful and beautiful, other times it can be overwhelming.

There are better ways to decorate your homes exterior this holiday season. Simpler ways, and more elegant too. It doesn’t take much to add just the right amount of holiday cheer to your home. Here are a few grand ideas:

Lights & Wreaths

For some reason traditional brick homes always look amazing in the winter. They are incredibly simple to decorate in the winter as well. Just compliment the natural red with lights, wreaths on the windows, over the doors, above the entry, or even put candle lights in the windows- just as they did before there were string lights. It will give that classic and timeless look to any home this winter.



Garland & Bows

Garland is a simple and beautiful way to add decoration to your home. Not only is it easy to put up, it’s easy to clean up at the end of the season. Plus it makes your entry welcoming for those friends and family you will have over for the holidays. If bows aren’t the perfect accent to garland then what is. You don’t need many, just enough to make a statement.


Again… more garland and bows. This time they added a few red bulbs, and kept of the lights for a more traditional look.


Trees & Lanterns

A few small trees, and a couple lanterns or candles really add some simple but elegant touches to your front entry. They hold that rustic and original look of the seasons, as if you’re taking us back to the beginning of the tradition of holiday decorations. It’s a look that will stay as timeless and signature as a Christmas tree by the fireplace.


If you can’t tell, the overall theme to completing an elegant look for your home’s exterior this holiday season is to add simple touches. Ones that look more traditional and rustic, maybe even vintage. You want it to be simple. Mostly pine needles, green and red touches, and lights that sit in the windows or illuminate your home. Don’t make it look cheesy, the way those light projectors do. Your home isn’t a disco ball.

Just remember, procrastination shouldn’t be a factor when you can use simple designs like these to deck out your home this season.