Creating a dream deck can be one of the best investments you make for your home. It’s a way to transition from interior to backyard. An extension of your style, and a huge bonus for future buyers.

But just having a deck doesn’t scream added value, especially if it needs work. That’s why a deck should always be well cared for, and well designed. A simple square or rectangular layout with faded wood boards isn’t going to win anyone over. With that, here is a bit of inspiration for you to create your dream deck. A few designs and interesting additions that you might never have considered. But it’s okay, someone else has, and now you can take advantage of that by incorporating it into your renovation either now, or in the future.


The Covered Deck

This pergola style covering over the deck has a glass or Plexiglas awning. It’s a great addition that is not only attractive, but also give you the ability to use your deck  all year round. This truly is a dream deck with the amount of foliage around it too. This sun-room type deck design doesn’t have to be difficult or costly to achieve either.

dream deck


One With Nature

Blending your deck  with a garden or with the woods that surround your home (if woods surround your home) is one of the most beautiful things you can do with your deck. Since you are essentially tying in nature by using wood (in most cases).

dream deck


The Entertainment Deck

This is a big deck… but can always be scaled down. Incorporating seating into the design of your deck is a great way to ensure everyone is comfortable. It also designates a space for entertainment. More people will enjoy talking with one another if they are in a comfortable spot where more people are likely to congregate.

dream deck


The Garden Deck

There are a million and one ways you can incorporate a garden into your deck. But it’s such a beautiful way to add life to an otherwise plain deck.

dream deck

The Merger

This is a design that really gives you everything. It is small enough to pit every budget and home. It has a covered pergola for all year entertainment. It has incorporated seating for entertainment. It’s right in line with great big trees. It’s cozy with cute lighting for even night entertaining. and can even include planters if you do so choose.

dream deck


Whatever you choose to do with your deck, we hope that you make it a space you and your family will love to enjoy for the life of your home.

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