Just about everyone knows that when you are selling your home, curb appeal can make or break a sale. Your home could be gorgeous and newly renovated on the inside, but if the exterior is lacking, it may change a few minds. It’s the first impression buyers are going to get of your home, and it will set the tone for how they view the rest of the house.

But you don’t have to improve your curb appeal just for the purpose of selling the home. When you update the curb appeal of your home, it actually increases the value of your home, along with the rest of the homes in the neighborhood. People want to live in good looking neighborhoods, and your unappealing yard could be affecting the sale of other homes around you.

Improving your homes curb appeal is a way of taking pride in your home. Proving to yourself that you care about the way it looks. Everyone wants to live in a comfortable and beautiful home, and that starts from the moment you drive up.

The cost of improving your curb appeal doesn’t have to be great. There are small changes that you can make that can dramatically impact the look and feel of your home. Here are a few simple and budget friendly changes that you can make to the exterior of your home:


Add A Fresh Coat Of Paint

In the house blow you can see the dramatic change that a fresh coat of paint and removing a few bushy plants can make. A small and inexpensive change like this can make all the difference.



Add A Few Plants

As you can see, adding just a few lively plants can make the porch seem more inviting and alive.


Paint Your Front Door

Your front door is an extension of your personality and style. Refacing your front door with a bright and inviting color will make a statement and make the home more inviting. Make it a contrasting color from the rest of the exterior of the home.

(I mean, come on, how adorably inviting is this entry)

curb appeal

Add Ledgestone

Ledgestone is an inexpensive and easy way to add character to your home. It also adds an extra layer of protection from increment weather, by protecting it from water damage. Ledgestones can also add that extra layer against the cold, leaving your house more insulated.


Change Your Porch Lighting

Simply changing the light bulbs, painting over the faded paint, cleaning the glass panes, or replacing the lights altogether can make a huge difference.


Add Seating

Just like adding furniture to your home to help people imagine the home as a place they can live, you want to do the same to your porch.


Upgrade Your House Number

Those old sticky numbers on your mailbox or on the front of your house. yeah, you know, the ones that are peeling off. You can change those ya know.


Reface Your Garage

curb appeal

Create A Welcoming Entrance


Check The Small Things

Doing things like:

  • power-washing your brick pavers,
  • weeding between the stones and cement in your driveway,
  • cleaning your gutters
  • repairing shingles

All of these can impact the look and feel of your home. Don’t underestimate these things.