She shed… a liberation?? Tell me more. 

Man- caves have traditionally been the place in the house where only the man could enter. Where he could be as dirty as he wanted, decorate with clunky beer signs and a mini fridge full of his favorite. The television streaming a constant feed of sports and stats. Weight lifting equipment unused, but strewn across the floor. An old sofa that they’ve had since college.

Now of course, not all man caves are like this. But when you think man-cave, that’s the image most conjure up.

Man-caves came out of the need for the man to escape from the rest of the women decorated house (in most cases), a place no one else touched and no one told them what to do with it and how to clean it. But men also usually have the garage, the basement, the tool shed.

But women are pushing back against the traditional culture of man-caves solely built for men. Women want equality, and that includes a space of our own. And why not? Women have hobbies, and want a space where no one else can go, and they can hide away from the kids and the husband who are usually looking to mom for answers. The time has come for women to demand and create that space for themselves as well.

Men can stay in the basement or the garage. Women… we’ll take the shed.










Now take this inspiration and run with it. It’s time for women to have a space to hide away and dream. Bright spaces with lots of pillows and incredible color pallets. You know you want one.